Tucson Gay Cruising Areas

  • University of Arizona Main Library

    UA Campus, Tucson

    , handjobs, sometimes . it all happens under the . Dont try and look at the guys faces because a lot of them are "Str8".
    Crowd: , handjobs, sometimes .

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  • First pull over on 79 going to Mesa

    , Tucson

    nly open area in Northwest Tucson, Many people go by, if some one is interested, they will park by close by, get out of car grab crotch, and if it's returned, you're on.
    Crowd: Truck drives and ret ...

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  • Ironwood Picnic Area

    , Tucson

    Crowd: white, latino men mostly lots of married men looking for action mornings are mostly older men looking

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  • Speedway Blvd Midtown

    Speedway from Campbell to Wilmot, Tucson

    'm still trying to convince you guys to get out and see what the night has in store. It's not as scary as you think. And if you live in the neighborhood it's a good way to see if some areas need atten ...

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  • South Palo Verde Road

    Palo Verde just north of Corona, Tucson

    Remote desert area.
    Crowd: Businessmen, delivery drivers, workers from the area warehouses and call centers.

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  • Central Speedway Blvd

    Speedway Blvd. from Alvernon Rd. to Craycroft Rd., Tucson

    ow that there is a gay club close to Craycroft (Colors), I'd like to see more men taking advantage of the dimly lit residential streets running east/west between Speedway & Grant. Even though Empress ...

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  • Drexel Landfill

    , Tucson

    here are about 3 places to pull off of Drexel. All have good visibility to see who is coming. Low traffic, mostly dump trucks and garbage trucks that pass right by.
    Crowd: Construction workers, ser ...

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  • Century Park 16 Theatre

    1055 W Grant Road Tucson AZ, Tucson

    Several options here for cruising.
    Crowd: All types, mostly latino families.

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  • Santa Cruz River Park

    , Tucson

    Crowd: Have great Bathrooms for joggers or just people in the park. Everytime i go, i wish i would have here. Bathrooms are hot and sweaty and make you wanna have .

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  • Lawrence Park

    , Tucson

    Crowd: a mix of young and older men looking for BJ

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