Berlin Gay Bars Clubs

  • Midnightsun

    Paul-Robeson-Str. 50 , Berlin

    Leather/Fetish Cruising/Darkroom

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  • Neuer Oldtimer

    Lietzenburger Str. 12 , Berlin

    This Bar is Berlin's answer to London's Quebec Bar. A haunt for the "golden oldies" anad their admirers, but on much less of a grand scale. There is a horse-shoe around which the clientele sit. In typ ...

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  • Stahlrohr

    Greifenhagener Str. 54 , Berlin

    Darkroombar with scene-News, Shop and numerous interactive offers. This cruise bar has an active darkroom with videos. Some leather/denim clientele.
    Crowd: All ages, some leather/denim.

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  • Greifbar

    Wicherstrasse 10/Ecke Greifenhagener , Berlin

    Cruise bar with an active, showing, darkroom.
    Crowd: All ages.

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  • Pick ab

    Greifenhagener Str. 16 , Berlin

    East Berlin's Oldest Gay DarkroomBar. This all male cruise bar has a very active darkroom with videos.
    Crowd: All ages, many younger.

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  • Mondschein

    Urbanstrasse 101 , Berlin

    This cruise bar is one Berlin's favourite leather/denim hangouts. It hosts a 'safer ' party on 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month.
    Crowd: Leather/denim men of all ages.

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  • BarCode Lounge

    Eisenacher Straße 3 , Berlin

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  • Darkroom

    Rodenbergstrasse 23 , Berlin

    As the name suggests, a dark room... but also regular naked parties. Phone for info.. Different parties : Naked party, underwear party and more.

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  • Scheune

    Motzstraße 25 , Berlin

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  • New Action

    Kleistrasse 35 , Berlin

    This lively club is popular among gay men who enjoy leather and men in uniform. Cruising. Best after 1h!

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