Dallas Gay Cruising Areas

  • Southern Methodist University Student Center

    SMU Campus , Dallas

    Under the action. No trolls.
    Crowd: Students, local discrete young guys

    rating of Southern Methodist University  Student Center
  • DFW Airport

    Bathroom between E-21 and E31 , Dallas

    I was in a in the back. Took shorts off because floor was wet. At least two guys started passing by over and over, glimpsing in. I was sitting back and showing my stuff. They eventually came up and s ...

    rating of DFW Airport
  • Parkland Hospital

    5323 Harry Hines Blvd. , Dallas

    Have had several good sessions here.
    Crowd: Hospital staff (all races), lots of hispanic and black .

    rating of Parkland Hospital
  • Galleria Saks Fifth Avenue

    13550 Dallas Parkway , Dallas

    This store has the best bathroom stalls if you're looking for some total or just a really good blow job.
    Crowd: Young guys and straight guys.

    rating of Galleria Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Stevens Park

    , Dallas

    The park's parking lot is cruisy. There
    are trails which follow the creek in both
    directions and it's along these most of
    the activity occurs.
    Crowd: Both straights and gays.

    rating of Stevens Park
  • Macys Northpark Center Formerly Foleys

    8687 North Central Expressway , Dallas

    Cruisy restroom with lots of under
    activity and action at the urinals. Guys will
    connect and go elsewhere for serious
    Crowd: All ages.

    rating of Macy's Northpark Center Formerly Foley's
  • Nations Bank Plaza

    902 Main Street , Dallas

    Cruisy toilet with lots of
    activity. Guys will connect and take
    business to more remote facilities in
    the building. The toilets are locked
    at 6pm.

    rating of Nations Bank Plaza
  • Mountain Creek Lake Park

    , Dallas

    A lot of car cruising along park roadway.
    Some of the toilets are cruisy. There
    is very little cover, some brush, in the
    park. Guys have in cars or elsewhere.
    Crowd: Younger crowd at nig ...

    rating of Mountain Creek Lake Park
  • Home Depot Forest Lane

    Forest Lane & Central Expressway , Dallas

    Very cruisy restroom, busiest weekdays
    at lunchtime.
    Crowd: Building trades, workers and young guys.

    rating of Home Depot, Forest Lane
  • Sheraton Dallas Hotel formerly Adams Mark Hotel

    400 Olive Street , Dallas

    The restroom is accessed down a long hallway and entrance out of view of s and urinals, providing good recovery
    time. The urinals have no dividers and
    there is extra space between doors
    f ...

    rating of Sheraton Dallas Hotel formerly Adams Mark Hotel