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  • Virginia Airport

    Cruising Areas

    Very sheltered, just don't stand up while nude, a lot of hunky straight guys and families drive their 4 x 4 past the dunes.
    Crowd: A few at the mom

  • Cine-X

    Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

    It is a place to watch movies and has plenty of places to get into some great hot action. Well worth a visit. You can also hire movies and take your

  • Battery Beach- Snakepark Beach

    Cruising Areas

    Areas reasonably well-lit at night. Open, with no really heavy bushes, etc. Not really private, except for parts of the beaches furthest from lights.<

  • The Lounge

    Bars Clubs

    There is a great club downstairs but the real fun is to be had upstairs in the Red Bar which includes a maze and videos.