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Is This Your Business?

cruiser update 5/5/2009:Okay looks like Sears is coming back , I have been their once a week for the last month, the s have lower walls so you can't stick your under, but the s have one or two doors that don't lock, and one that doesn't have a door but it has a little hole where you can see the guy in the next playing with himself. I have had a good lately everytime I have gone in the afternoon, the last two s , nice looking black guys have in man I had one guy i open the door on him and his was so hot uncut, then other guy came in later 20 minutes and he came in my booth put it in my mouth man it was hot. I don't know if the camera that is outside the restroom works but I don't go in and out I stay in until I get ready to leave , and few spanish guys are coming back but looks like it's getting hot again , I hope the store security stays away , I think they have let a lot of staff go looks like only a hand full of people work in the store

previous comment:The restroom has no but there
is plenty of under action.
Crowd: Mainly younger black & Hispanic guys.

Who's Coming

Mainly younger black & Hispanic guys.

  • Crowd:Mainly younger black & Hispanic guys.
  • Hours:All day.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
whos coming to Sears