Houston Gay Parks

  • Memorial Park

    6788 Memorial Drive , Houston

    A large park with washroom blocks that get cruisy at night. The shower and locker room are in the tennis center. $1.25 for a locker and a shower.

    rating of Memorial Park
  • West 11th Street Park

    West 11th Street and WTC Jester Boulevard , Houston

    Secluded trails. You don't have to walk too far into the main trails after dark, just use common sense.

    rating of West 11th Street Park
  • Tom Bass Regional Park

    3452 Fellows Road , Houston

    Cruisy park.

    rating of Tom Bass Regional Park
  • White Oak Bayou Trail - TC Jester Boulevard

    West White Oak Bayou Trail , Houston

    This is perhaps the city's finest hike and bike trail and is somewhat underutilized by the natives. It winds its way for 5 miles on the east side of lovely (and heavily concreted) White Oak Bayou bot ...

    rating of White Oak Bayou Trail - TC Jester Boulevard
  • Cullen Park

    18863-18999 Saums Rd , Houston

    Cruisy Park near Energy Corridor has lots of secluded trails and bathroom action

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  • Bayland Park

    6400 Bissonnet Street , Houston

    Cruisy park.

    rating of Bayland Park
  • Buffalo Bayou Park Nature Trail

    764 Waugh Drive , Houston

    Wooded nature trail that's a small part of the newly redone buffalo bayou park. Half mile stretch in the woods with some sweaty runners with ripe jocks. Get's cruisy around sunset. Sweaty runners with ...

    rating of Buffalo Bayou Park Nature Trail
  • Bear Creek Park

    War Memorial Drive , Houston

    Wooded areas.

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