3663 Las Vegas Blvd. Suite 600

Is This Your Business?

Krave - Whether you're gay, lesbian, metro- or just too cool for skool, Krave serves up a VIP experience of nocturnal delights that will infuse your senses and leave you coming back for more. Krave is the largest nightclub dedicated to alternative lifestyle clients and the first international venue of it's kind. Prepare to step inside a majestic world. From the stylized castle clad exterior to circus themed high-back private booths- every attention has been paid to the theatrically inspired interior design. Krave is built for comfort and pleasure and if you're not on the sunken dance-floor, then why not peak a view from the tables above. Krave is truly a unique venue of its kind dedicated to the gay and lesbian community from across the globe who like to party in the entertainment capital of the world. From fashion to fine dining and meeting new people on the dance-floor, Krave offers a self-indulgent envronment that will cater to your every need. Also check out the "Fashionistas". Produced by award winning director and producer, John Stagliano. With a pulsating sound track and lavish set, aerialists, interactive video, and live projected images, you will be mesmorized by this experience.

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