2000 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Is This Your Business?

Just open it up and wait on an individual to rest next to you. The most effective thing about it is that the online casino is open 24/7, so it never ever closes. Simply need to be careful with cleansing crew. Be great as well as not also evident. No cams.

Hours of Activity

They lock the doors at 11pm now. Open at 8am. Not much cruising.

Who's Coming

The end of the strip, the big tower!

The end of the strip, the big tower!
  • Go into one of the last 2 stalls on the left in the very back and unfasten the metal paper holder. Take out the roll of tissue and it makes a glory hole, big enough for a large cock, nice and wide.Cruisiest Spot: The washroom upstairs next to the fitness center. Last two stalls on the left.
whos coming to Stratosphere