Manchester Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Kohls Mens Room

    155 Tolland Turnpike , Manchester

    Very nice area to cruise, store staff rarely checks on the bathrooms. Men's room is located in the back of the store near customer service.

    rating of Kohl's Mens Room
  • JC Penny Mens Room

    194 Buckland Hills Drive , Manchester

    A cruisy bathroom in the mall. There is a double door to enter the bathroom so you get an early warning if someone is coming.

    rating of J.C Penny Mens Room
  • Barlow Moore Road Toilets

    Barlow Moore Road , Manchester

    Public toilets in Didsbury, just off Wilmslow road - near the library and all the bars.

    rating of Barlow Moore Road Toilets
  • Triangle Centre Toilets

    Exchange Square , Manchester

    Fairly discreet and clean toilets located on the first floor of this shopping centre - great location for takeaway from Manchester Victoria Rail Station now this is monitored!

    rating of Triangle Centre Toilets
  • Stretford Mall Toilets

    Stretford Mall , Manchester

    Toilets outside Stretford Mall

    rating of Stretford Mall Toilets
  • Trafford Centre Orient Toilet

    Trafford Centre, Jn 9 off M60 , Manchester

    Crowd: Business men, dads, shop workers.

    rating of Trafford Centre Orient Toilet
  • Big W Toilets

    Cheetham Hill Road , Manchester

    2 cubicles to have fun in.
    Crowd: All kinds, Cheetham Hill locals can be tempted into fun!

    rating of Big  W Toilets
  • Trafford Centre-Food Hall Toilets

    Trafford Shopping Centre. , Manchester

    Crowd: All the gay guys that work in the shopping centre. Young lads, men out with their families but nip in for a etc. ALL TYPES!

    rating of Trafford Centre-Food Hall Toilets.
  • New Manchester Arndale Toilets

    Manchester Arndale, Exchange Court , Manchester

    Toilets are quite new so please do not turn these toilets into a complete mess like others in the city centre if we're discreete this place has potential.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of New Manchester Arndale Toilets
  • Cheadle Precinct Toilets

    Car park off High Street, Cheadle , Manchester

    Entrance discreetly tucked away but open layout inside so keep eyes open. Two cubicles but no holes in between. Gets busy.
    Crowd: All types. Suits, old guys, scallies, workmen.

    rating of Cheadle Precinct Toilets
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