Horwich Leisure Centre Fitness Suite


Horwich Leisure Centre, Victoria Road, Horwich, Bolton

01204 334488

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General gym and Health Suite, the health suite is downstairs, and has a small sauna, steam room, 4 man jacuzzi, communal showers, chairs and loungers in wet lounge area, water cooler, lockers (1pound deposit), washing facilities, television.

Note this is not a "gay sauna" just a normal health suite, ie same facilities, but cheaper and less scene queens, heh.

Members are given free access, but aside that I think it's 5.80 pounds a time to use the health suite, but you can use it as long as you want on your visit.

Neighbourhood: Horwich

Adult features


Just off Church Street (which leads into Horwich village), has a multi story car park with very cheap parking (30p!). Maps enclosed.
  • Directions:Just off Church Street (which leads into Horwich village), has a multi story car park with very cheap parking (30p!). Maps enclosed.
  • Hours:"Men's Only Days" are Monday and Friday, open all day until 9:00pm, though it now becomes 'mixed' in the eves,Wednesdays and Weekends are Mixed or women only.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:Crusiest bit is in the jacuuzi, lots of hands unseen under bubbly water! Half of it also faces the door but is on the other side of the room, so you can see who comes in, and even see them undress, half is round a corner. The steam room is good for privacy too, as unlike the hottub and sauna, it doesn't face the door, its round a corner, and often totally steamed up. The layout is perfect and mostly uncrowded. The crowd is middle aged guys, some older guys, and younger guys who've been working out in the gym (so you either get muscley types, or chubby types! hehe!)
  • Nudity / Policy:On male only days (mon/fri) nudity is permitted throughout changing rooms, lounge area, sauna, jacuuzi, showers (obviously) and steam room. There are open showers in the next to the jacuzi as well as the changing room.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Lots of space for the disabled to change, plus the toilet within the health suite is large and wheelchair accessible. The steam room/sauna/jacuuzi are wheelchair inaccessible, but should be okay if you're able to transfer from a chair.
  • Warnings:No security or police. Just dont be too obvious at reception or when you're down there, have a little discretion.

    Only pet peeve is that it's a little dated, but it's just a local leisure centre health suite, so it's to be expected and the average age is old.
whos coming to Horwich Leisure Centre Fitness Suite
  • Have been here a few times, had a bit of fun in the jacuzzi with a couple of middle aged blokes

    Commented on 6/29/2010 1:56:39 PM