Middlesbrough Gay Cruising Areas

  • Ladgate Lane Coulby newham Middlesbrough

    Middlesbrough , Middlesbrough

    Ladgate lane is a small layby accesed-(from either aklam or marton road) A19/A174 and its opposite natures world and the municiple golf course, and over the road from a bus stop, near a mini round abo ...

    rating of Ladgate Lane Coulby newham Middlesbrough
  • University of Teesside - Constantine Building

    Boro Road , Middlesbrough

    There are 3 toilets over 3 levels. All are clean and very accessible. Toilets on the top floor is where I've seen most of the action take place.

    rating of University of Teesside - Constantine Building
  • Morrisons - Middlesbrough

    Berwick Hills , Middlesbrough

    this a good toilet and needs more guys to use there are two cubicles side by side there was a hole to spy but there block it up

    rating of Morrisons -  Middlesbrough
  • Newport Bridge

    Newport Bridge , Middlesbrough

    Car park just off road with trees and other places to play

    rating of Newport Bridge
  • eston hills

    eston hills , Middlesbrough

    on top of eston hills theres loads of little places to go in bushes

    rating of eston hills
  • middlesbrough - Old Moor Road

    TS12 , Middlesbrough

    part of the old moor road. ideal for discreet meets!!

    rating of middlesbrough - Old Moor Road
  • Leos cottage

    Esplanade, Sea Front , Middlesbrough

    5 cubicals in this cottage, gets busy at times with cruisers all looking for .

    rating of Leo's cottage
  • Ormsby Hall Woods

    ladgate lane , Middlesbrough

    there is loads of woods to a walk through and lot of lads go in here could be a great place

    rating of Ormsby Hall Woods
  • Middlesbrough Town Center - Around Cassidys Nightclub

    Grange Road , Middlesbrough

    Cruising area i have used a lot myself. The streets around the infront of the old closed down cassidy's nightclub in the town center. Lots of little side streets lacking cameras and also sainsburys ne ...

    rating of Middlesbrough Town Center - Around Cassidys Nightclub
  • Sainsburys carpark middlesbrough

    wilson street , Middlesbrough

    car park outside the super market best time to go late at night better on saturdays and weekend nights.

    rating of Sainsburys carpark middlesbrough