Paris Gay Cruising Areas

  • Quai dAusterlitz

    , Paris

    Under the parking lot to the west of the Bercy bridge is particularly cruisy at night.
    Crowd: All ages including some rent.

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  • Champs de Mars

    75002 , Paris

    There is alot of noctural activity in the service roads of this park. There are well lighted areas for cruising and darker areas...
    Crowd: All ages.

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  • Square du Pont de Sully

    , Paris

    This public park is very cruisy after dark. Its surrounding fence is not high and is easily jumped over. Activity continues throughout the night.
    Crowd: All ages.

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  • Quai des Tuileries Tata Beach

    , Paris

    The Quai des Tuileries, also known informally as 'Tata Beach', is where the young hang out and tan in summer. Alot of serious cruising as well as sightseeing along the banks of the Seine.The entire st ...

    rating of Quai des Tuileries (Tata Beach)
  • Jaures

    , Paris

    All along the banks of the canal one can cruise at night. Particularly hot when the weather is good. But even in winter this place is throbbing. Even the cars in the housing projects down by the canal ...

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  • Place de la Nation

    , Paris

    Most of the action seems to take place in an underground passageway near the statue. It is closed at night, but you can still go down to a dark area by the closed door.

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  • Piscine Cours Des Lions

    9-11 rue Alphonse-Baudin , Paris

    Public swimming pool, but male locker room nearly exclusively gay. Holes between the cabins, in the toilets, at the urinals. Mostly young twinks.
    Crowd: Young gay men (20-30).

    rating of Piscine Cours Des Lions
  • Paris Metro

    , Paris

    cruiser update 6/9/2008: this is a strange idea, and far from reality. Actually line 11 is really gay oriented, since it crosses the gay market of Le Marais and a lot of gay people live at each statio ...

    rating of Paris Metro
  • Bois de Boulogne

    , Paris

    One of the roads limiting it, and the Place de la Porte Dauphine are the male prostitution zone of Paris, so if you are willing to pay you can have fresh young meat there...I found the place very busy ...

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  • Gare de lEst

    Gare de l'Est , Paris

    Update 9/8/2008: It's now a new place and located on the lower ground of the station.
    It is much more complicated than before, but you can definitely have there! At the entrance, pay 50 cents and ...

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