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  • Atlas

    20 Bd. de Clichy (Metro:pigalle) next to McDonalds , Paris

    This is a deliciously sleazy nasty place. Male on male happens, but the big attraction is the tranny action. Pro and amateur trannies working the crowd. It is fun and active. Watched an amateur tranny ...

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  • Cine Nord

    Rue de Dunkerque, 27 , Paris

    The big fun is downstairs with video booths and a cinema with standard seats. Continuous feeding and swallowing...

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  • Cinema Atlas

    11 Place Pigalle , Paris

    There are 2 theaters which show straight . it's probably the last last o cinema in the world........
    Crowd: all types, 20-70 years, hustlers, aggressive african boys and men looking for blowjobs, t ...

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  • Videovision

    62, Rue de Rome , Paris

    Crowd: Exhibitionists and masculine men.

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  • Sexodrome

    23, bd de Clichy , Paris

    cruiser adds: All cabins & cubicals are now moved on to the First floor & Place is very clean/spotless. Downstairs/basement in now used only for lingerie: >>

    heaven. Tonnes of it, both to buy ...

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  • Boxxman

    Rue de la Cossonnerie 2 , Paris

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  • Fratone Vision

    96 et 76, rue Saint Denis , Paris

    This is a cruisy video/ theatre. Lots of action mid-afternoon and late evening. Businessmen take a nooner here.
    Crowd: Mixed crowd - younger, older, businessmen.

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  • Cine Club

    77 Rue St Denis , Paris

    3 cinemas: you get one ticket for all three at 60 FF. Join in the action!
    Crowd: Gay and "straight" (if you know what I mean).

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  • Hardclub 88

    88 rue St-Denis , Paris

    Infamous for its escalator and its ground-floor video cabins for wheelchairs. Advertises itself as the biggest video arcade in Europe. Enormous video and toy selection. Efficient staff involved in co ...

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  • La cheminee

    11 rue des Fosses Saint-Marcel , Paris

    A restaurant with group .
    Crowd: Mainly couples, men in the afternoon.

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