Rome Gay Cruising Areas

  • Galoppatoio di Villa Borghese

    Via del Galoppatoio , Rome

    It's part of the Villa Borghese Park, mainly a manmade track field. Of all parts of the park, in general, this place is dominated by men soliciting, so it's well known that this place is prime for cru ...

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  • Rotonda Di Ostia

    Piazzale Della Rotonda , Rome

    It's a parking area in front of the sea.
    Crowd: Mostly young men, in their 30s.

    rating of Rotonda Di Ostia
  • Via di Monte Caprino

    , Rome

    This is a small park on Monte Caprino, near the City Hall complex and across the street from Teatro Marcello.
    Crowd: Variety of shapes, sizes and ages.

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  • Airport Leonardo da Vinci

    Fiumicino , Rome

    After xray control, departures A, you take the elevator and go the the nearest toilets on your left side.
    Crowd: Airport staff and travellers.

    rating of Airport Leonardo da Vinci
  • Roma Ostiense Washroom

    Roma Ostiense , Rome

    Cruisy washroom during office hours with a lot of freedom to work. Occasional hottie comes in to relieve himself. Easy to see if the attendant is coming.
    Crowd: Transit travellers - locals from tee ...

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  • Piazza Belle Arti

    Vialle Giulia , Rome

    Men cruise in their cars and on foot in the square at night. The area gets very busy, but be aware that much of what is available is for hire.
    Crowd: Men all ages and some rent boys.

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  • Colosseo Quadrato

    , Rome

    These cruisy gardens get very busy in the evenings. Guys of all ages connect here for activity elsewhere.
    Crowd: All ages.

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  • Fuel Distributor on the GRA

    , Rome

    Crowd: Gay (mainly).

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  • Parking Area

    , Rome

    Crowd: Gay (mainly), couples.

    rating of Parking Area
  • Piazzale del Galoppatoio

    , Rome

    There are a couple of stairways in the park. They are the emergency exits for the parking lot, but are always locked. People cruise around them and when they find someone they like, they head down in ...

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