Rome Gay Bars Clubs

  • Frutta e Verdura

    Via Placido Zurla 66/70 , Rome

    This mixed after hours club is where all the hormone driven end up in the middle of the night. There is dancing and shows, be most of the action is in the darkroom.
    Crowd: Mixed, many gays.

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  • Degrado

    Via Ignazio Danti 20 , Rome

    This mixed erotic discoclub attracts many gays of all stripes and ages. The atmosphere is highly charged and the busy darkroom does alot to make the spirit soar.
    Crowd: Mixed, many gays.

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  • Apeiron Club

    Via dei Quattro Cantoni 5 , Rome

    This cruise bar has regular shows, a video lounge aznd an active darkroom. Arcigay card required for admission, so call ahead if you need one.
    Crowd: All ages.

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  • Hanger Video Bar

    00184 Roma (Latium), Italy , Rome

    Monday night is night showen on large screens. The bartender in the front bar is real hot takes his shirt off most of the time. Guys are all over most nights 4 hundred or more. Allot of Americans sho ...

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  • Maxs Bar

    Via A. Grandi 7/a, near Porta Maggiore , Rome

    Club and bar; only for men.

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  • Hangar

    69 Via In Selci (updated) , Rome

    Gianni and John -- the American owner and his Roman lover -- have been together longer than the bar they opened together. It's a Roman institution and consistently gets a crowd when other bars come an ...

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  • Skyline Bar

    Via degli Aurunci 26 , Rome

    This is a pretty hot 2 floor cruising bar. All ages, lots of guys of all types. Staff are very friendly. Lots of guys to play with.
    Crowd: Leather types, some daddies, t-shirts and jeans crowd.

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  • K Mens Club

    Via Amato Amati 6, Rome , Rome

    This place has a small bar at the entrance and large backroom with videos, booths, darkroom, gloryholes. Lots of action, of all kinds.
    Update: Entrance is only 10,000 lire.
    Crowd: Leather types ...

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