Hotchkiss Park


2302 4th St.


Is This Your Business?

This is a small neighborhood park on a hill, with a small restroom that gets busy. It is pretty cruisy during the day, lots of guys with dogs (looking for more than just walking the dog).

Neighbourhood: Ocean Park

It is located off 4th St. just 4 blocks south of the 10 freeway. There is alot of local street parking.
  • Hours:During the day has been the best time, or after work hours, when guys like to take their dogs for a walk.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:There is a small restroom at the top of the hill with 2 s. There are benches near the restrooms, for cruising. There are no doors on the s so I would suggest the back (there are only 2). Usually one guy sits on the toilet and services the guy standing in front of him so it appears that someone is using the toilet, and nobody bothers you.
  • Nudity / Policy:This is a public restroom in a neighborhood park, please refrain from nudity.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Yes, is Handicap Accessible with ramp to restroom
  • Warnings:There is a homeless population in Santa Monica, and once in awhile a bum may stumble in to wash up, but they won't bother you. Pretty rare though.
whos coming to Hotchkiss Park
  • This Bathroom, in this City park, was, at one time, one of the best spots to cruise. Of course there were Two other parks right by to go off to if you wanted to change the "Apnosphere" and one had a glory hole! Now this is the only one, I have heard only storys of thing going on here other than the few times I did actually meet up with someone. There were bushes, shrubs, alot of em and the lights were only down the center island, this was all re done It seems the day before I first went cruising there. I was constantly being told how guys would be in these landscaped areas day and night and you know the rest. Now it seems all there is to do is meet here and go off somewhere else. The Guys that used to park on the street in their vans and camper trucks, Where did you all go?

    Commented on 7/11/2008 11:01:23 AM