Sault Ste Marie Gay Cruising Areas

  • Hiawatha Highlands Conservation Park

    Landside Rd. , Sault Ste Marie

    This place is a discreet place a lot of tree's around for going into to play its only open till 9 at night but the parking lot across the st. from the main entrance is where most people go after hours ...

    rating of Hiawatha Highlands Conservation Park
  • James Elliott Park

    West , Sault Ste Marie

    meet top of the hill either keep it in the car or go for a walk

    rating of James Elliott Park
  • Sault College

    443 Northern Ave , Sault Ste Marie

    The washrooms in the B wing spine and the guys washrooms in the A wing and in the 2nd floor E wing, Tap your foot a few times (audibly) if you want to get busy.

    rating of Sault College
  • Wellington Square Mall

    625 Trunk Rd , Sault Ste Marie

    Large washroom, double door enterance, so it is easy to hear anyone coming.
    Crowd: All ages depending on the time of day/week.

    rating of Wellington Square Mall
  • Roberta Bondar Marina

    Foster Drive , Sault Ste Marie

    Large double door entry, gives plenty of warning. Their are two stalls, and two urinals, either works.
    Crowd: Mostly over 30's.

    rating of Roberta Bondar Marina
  • Batchewana First Nation Pow-Wow Grounds

    236 Frontenac St , Sault Ste Marie

    Crowd: A lot of young guys from the reserve go here.

    rating of Batchewana First Nation Pow-Wow Grounds
  • Pine Street Marina

    , Sault Ste Marie

    Crowd: Younger guys walking and older guys cruising.

    rating of Pine Street Marina
  • Fort Creek Conservation Area

    , Sault Ste Marie

    Meet in parking lot and then go for a trail walk to play.
    Crowd: All guys under 32.

    rating of Fort Creek Conservation Area
  • Snowdon Park

    , Sault Ste Marie

    Nice spot, wooded area, benches and picnic tables to sit at closer to the wooded areas to meet up at. Scenic.
    Crowd: Young men, older men.

    rating of Snowdon Park
  • Sault Locks

    Huron street past International Bridge plaza heading south , Sault Ste Marie

    If you park before the bridge and walk along the river back to the Station mall holiday in area and return on a nice weather night you are bound to see someone.
    Crowd: Full Mix of people.

    rating of Sault Locks
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