Sydney Gay Gyms

  • Platinum Fitness First Chatswoodformerly Space Gym

    24 Endeavour Street, Chatswood NSW 2067 , Sydney

    Crowd: Fit guys young and old along with guys who are not so fit.Facilities: Swimming pool, weights area, solarium, 2-3 class areas, check out website for more.

    rating of Platinum Fitness First Chatswood(formerly Space Gym)
  • LivingWell Gym Sydney Pitt St

    255 Pitt Street , Sydney

    This is a new gym and would make for a good place to get off as well particularly in the showers.
    Crowd: Mixed but lots of young muscle dudes.

    rating of LivingWell Gym, Sydney, Pitt St.
  • LivingWell Gym Sydney Chatswood

    Eastern Valley Way willoughby , Sydney

    Young guy wanks in the showers all the time....very cute and curious.
    Crowd: Mixed but lots of young muscle dudes.

    rating of LivingWell Gym, Sydney,  Chatswood
  • Broadway Gym

    Lvl 1, 160 Broadway , Sydney

    Decent sized gym. The mens change room / sauna is on the 1st floor. Sauna is of a decent size. Shower cubicle on the end is big enough to fit a few people.
    Crowd: Business types as well as uni stud ...

    rating of Broadway Gym
  • Fitness First Bond Street

    20 Bond Street , Sydney

    Some guys in showers, some n tug in the steam room.
    Crowd: Fit guys, young guys, all sorts.***br******br***Update:Big mix, mainly suits, the fitness keen, mostly white, all hot, toned, cut and ou ...

    rating of Fitness First, Bond Street
  • CSG Sport Centre

    Cumberland, Sydney Uni, East Street , Sydney

    Crowd: students - others look suspicious

    rating of CSG Sport Centre
  • Hotbodz Gym

    Port Hacking rd , Sydney

    good clean place with lots of hot guys
    Crowd: Good looking muscular blokes and masculine dudes
    Facilities: showers

    rating of Hotbodz Gym
  • Fitness First North Strathfield

    18-22 George St , Sydney

    Crowd: lots of hunky dudes from all races

    rating of Fitness First, North Strathfield
  • Elixir Gym

    Park St , Sydney

    Hey gym's another gym that is good for having a perv, although not to many people go to this gym, but fo r those who want to walk around naked & show off this is the place.Not to many people use the s ...

    rating of Elixir Gym
  • Fitness First North Sydney

    1 Elizabeth Plaza , Sydney

    great new beat. No staff watching, great location, sanua and steam room and the showers all reagy for action. Key is that there are a number of us that signal to each other in places like the sauna or ...

    rating of Fitness First, North Sydney