Sydney Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Turrumurra Toilets - Railway Coles Car park

    Ray Street , Sydney

    rating of Turrumurra Toilets - Railway Coles Car park
  • Domain Toilets Behind Sydney Hospital

    , Sydney

    Crowd: ALL you can think of. Tourists seem to stumble on it a lot, tradies, joggers, suites, oldies .. one awesome guy from the Naval Base!

    rating of Domain Toilets Behind Sydney Hospital
  • Sky Garden Toilet

    Top floor new Bing Lee , Sydney

    Urinals, and good cubicles for discreet action.
    Crowd: Suits.

    rating of Sky Garden Toilet
  • Wentworthville Toilet

    The Kingsway , Sydney

    Crowd: All kinds.

    rating of Wentworthville Toilet
  • Burwood Public Toilets

    Near Burwood Station of Burwood Rd , Sydney

    Crowd: Mainly 20's and 30's though a lot are overweight and or not very appealing, some mature aged guys and on odd occassions a 18yo as once not that long ago, got off with a cute young asian.

    rating of Burwood Public Toilets
  • Verandah Bar-Toilets Outside

    Castlereagh/Elizabeth St , Sydney

    Crowd: Business/suit types, around 20's and 30's, all very straight acting.

    rating of Verandah Bar-Toilets Outside
  • Formosa Street Drummoyne Public Toilet

    Formosa Street , Sydney

    Two cubicles that face each other with dividing wall high enough to perv under or squat and have your . Guys stand and at (4 ) cruising or pretend to wait for a cubicle while rubbing their crotch t ...

    rating of Formosa Street Drummoyne Public Toilet
  • Barratt St toilet

    Barratt Street (opposite Centrelink) , Sydney

    Three cubilcles with small doors you can look over as well as under. that stands three to four. Men stand at cruising or in cubicle waiting. You can usually hear when someone is about to enter toile ...

    rating of Barratt St toilet
  • Carslaw Mens Toilets

    Sydney Uni, Carslaw building, level 1 , Sydney

    I love this beat. It's convenient for students, and is always being frequented by newbies and bi-curious guys. Some good straight , and regulars. Have fun! No security!
    Crowd: Students, young !

    rating of Carslaw Men's Toilets
  • Jordan Road Toilet

    Jordan Road , Sydney

    It is packed -- literally -- any time of day. Filled with a variety of people. s.
    Crowd: All ages. Beware of old guys during the day, but any time is awesome.

    rating of Jordan Road Toilet