Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) - Library Washroom


113 McCaul St.

Is This Your Business?

This is the washroom located on the second floor of The Annex (113 McCaul) to the left of the Dorothy H. Hoover (OCAD) Library. The washroom has two urinals and one -- all in a VERY tight space. The winning feature: the loud door and the corridor one has to walk through to reach the area. It's long enough to give you a couple of seconds to get yourselves together.

Neighbourhood: Downtown

Note: This washroom is NOT located in the fancy OCAD building. It's in the 'Village by the Grange' building right across from it (the one with the food court).To get to the washroom, walk west on Dundas from University Ave. - or St. Patrick station - until you reach McCaul. Go south towards Queen, staying on the left side, until you pass the McDonald's. Enter the set of doors marked 113 McCaul (the purple sign) and, once inside, go down the wheelchair ramp towards the stairs. You should also see an information/security desk there. Go up to the second floor and turn right. That there will be the library entrance, with the washroom door just to the left of it.
  • Hours:Washroom hours are the same as the Library's. Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 8:45pm, Saturdays 11am to 5:45pm. Closed Sundays. Traffic in the washroom is pretty sporadic, with students flowing in and out during the lunch hour and between classes. Also, I'm not sure if this is still the case, but a couple of years ago they would lock the doors at the top of the stairs after 6:30. Only OCAD students with student cards were able to access the library through the elevators. If that's still the case, then you can certainly try to befriend an OCAD student along the way. Usually they're quite friendly...
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:While not necessarily a space for hanging about, it's the perfect spot to go for a quick / after you've gotten together with another guy. Most students go in there to take a whiz before heading back to the library. Don't worry about them: they can always use the . And, if this washroom is busy, there are three additional floors with washrooms that have the exact same layout. Awesome!
  • Nudity / Policy:No nudity.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / Not at all.
  • Warnings:The cleaning lady is always a nuisance, but she's no threat whatsoever. She always knocks and makes herself known to avoid barging in on anyone. She'll WAIT until you finish and get leave so she can start her cleaning. Also, beware the librarians: they are just a phone-call away from the security guard downstairs. They all take their jobs VERY seriously, so one -up is all it takes for this place to be patrolled like there's no tomorrow. And, as always: be discreet; don't solicit guys who show no interest; and don't blow our cover! Just use common sense.
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