University of Windsor - CAW Student Centre


401 Sunset Avenue

Is This Your Business?

The washroom is located in the basement of the CAW, past the photo copying store, convenience store and Travel Cuts. You'll see the signs.
Crowd: Students, professors and city men looking to get off.

Neighbourhood: University of Windsor

Who's Coming

Students, professors and city men looking to get off.

There's a parking lot off of Wyandotte St and parking all along the side of the street. There are many forms of tranist to get to the university.

Take a bus or cab, this washroom is worth the visit.
Cross street: Wyandotte St. West and Huron Church Road
  • Crowd:Students, professors and city men looking to get off.
  • Hours:The CAW is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:This washroom is a cruiser's dream. When you walk in the door, its noisy, but the best part is that there is an open area and stairs, a divider, and then the actual washroom. There's plenty of time to recover, and the urinals are completely covered from view when entering the washroom.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No / There are stairs to get into the washroom.
  • Warnings:Just be careful of straight boys who use this washroom. Otherwise, this is a great place to Cruise.
whos coming to University of Windsor - CAW Student Centre
  • r

    Commented on 6/27/2018 6:20:33 PM

  • anyone want to check it out today with me....send me a note

    Commented on 4/9/2009 11:48:44 AM

  • Looking for someone to meet here on a regular basis.

    Commented on 4/7/2009 5:39:00 AM

  • If anyone wants to check this place out this week, message me (pvt) on here, I'll meet you there

    Commented on 2/25/2009 9:12:13 AM

  • Nice
    Willing to give this place a shot Any one want to meet me there let me know today I am in town will go at 2 see what is happenning

    Commented on 1/7/2009 10:30:07 AM

  • will be here checking it out around 1pm

    Commented on 5/15/2008 9:17:29 AM

  • Hey....... i am gunna be at the CAW at like noon tomorrow.. if u wanna get off come at noon

    Commented on 4/2/2007 10:54:32 AM

  • anyone wanna meet me here this week? name the time

    Commented on 3/1/2007 10:14:13 AM

  • will be there wed, 21st, around 1pm

    Commented on 2/20/2007 10:23:16 AM