Windsor Gay Gyms

  • YMCA Windsor

    500 Victoria Avenue , Windsor

    all types of guys from younger to older...jocks to overweight

    its quiet from 9 to 12 noon which is more fun in the steam room for play....for looking at any time is good...can be fun anytime

    rating of YMCA Windsor
  • Precision Family Fitness

    6700 Wyandotte St. E , Windsor

    Just an ordinary middle class gym with lots of guys.
    Crowd: Members only, though you can get a visitor pass. Serious atheletes, businessmen and others.
    Facilities: exercise machines, pool

    rating of Precision Family Fitness
  • St Denis Centre

    401 Sunset , Windsor

    In the sauna and showers a lot of naked men. and you'll see erections on a regular bases. In the Sauna J/O and happen.
    Crowd: All ages 18 and up.

    rating of St. Denis Centre
  • Lifestyle Family Fitness Windsor

    Tecumseh Rd E , Windsor

    Crowd: Closeted college jocks, businessmen and serious athletes.

    rating of Lifestyle Family Fitness, Windsor