New York Gay Cruising Areas

  • NY Port Authority

    8th Avenue and 42nd St. , New York

    All the men's rooms have some action. The first floor has a dozen or more urinals for easy looking, the second floor has a good men's room, but there are partitions. The fourth floor men's room with o ...

    rating of NY Port Authority
  • Pier 17 Mall Washrooms

    Fulton & South Streets, Pier 17 , New York

    Large washrooms with lots of s. Very easy to enjoy under-the- fun without being seen by passer-bys.

    rating of Pier 17 Mall Washrooms
  • Borders Bookstore

    32nd & 2nd east side os Ave. , New York

    Regular bootstore and toilets.
    Crowd: Employees and eastsiders.

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  • South Street Seaport - Pier 17 2nd Floor

    19 Fulton St. at South St. , New York

    Went there a 4-5 times this month ... saw alot of hard , i was to shy to start anything but this place gets alot of action, bence right outside bathroom, and a Tea / snack shop right next door.
    Cro ...

    rating of South Street Seaport - Pier 17 2nd Floor
  • Borders Book Store

    57th St and Park Avenue (in the corner) , New York

    There are no s, 2 private cubicles, 2 urinals with separator but if you are lucky, you can see the other side. Many people go there during lunch time or for a coffee and cake. Just be patient and wait ...

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  • Daffys

    1311 Broadway & 34th Street , New York

    cruiser adds: Go to men's clothing dept on the 7th floor. Find something that comes close to fitting and ask the attendant to let you try it on. It's actually called "The Undressing Room". He'll let y ...

    rating of Daffys
  • Sheraton Manhattan Hotel First Floor

    790 7th Avenue , New York

    theres one on the first floor. However, you have to find your way through. There are no signs directing you to them. The best part are the s. The paper towel holder rack comes off and creates a HUGE W ...

    rating of Sheraton Manhattan Hotel First Floor
  • Rockefeller Center Underground Concourse

    30 Rockefeller Plaza , New York

    Public restroom with nearly 20 urinals and 10 stalls. It's horseshoe shaped, giving you more privacy.

    rating of Rockefeller Center Underground Concourse
  • Isham Park

    212th St. and Broadway , New York

    Lots of areas to around. Just wait around for a while and someone will come around looking.

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  • Grand Central Station Lower Level Dining Concourse

    42nd Street , New York

    There is another restroom at teh other end of the food court that is good too. walk in the door and turn left and go to 3 urinals at the end of the restroom. Great for play.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of Grand Central Station Lower Level Dining Concourse