New York Gay Cruising Areas

  • RampN Trains to Brooklyn-Queens

    , New York

    Ride always in the last car. The N and the R train are getting crazy lately after 6 pm, especialy after work business days!

    Crowd: Always guys, all types: married, bi and gay!

    rating of R&N Trains to Brooklyn-Queens
  • Marymount Manhattan college

    , New York

    Go into the , and wait for a guy to come in, then start the classic tapping of the foot to get the guy's attention. Then have a lot of fun.
    Crowd: Students, teachers, random guys.

    rating of Marymount Manhattan college
  • 43rd St betw 9th and 11th Avenues

    , New York

    South pavement is wider than North but both hot cruisy. Observations on my regular visits:
    Late night dog walkers with hook-up agenda; 43rd St. residential night owls greeting passersby; scantilly ...

    rating of 43rd St. betw. 9th and 11th Avenues.
  • Under the Boardwalk

    , New York

    People go to . And it happens alot. Some are waiting with it out already.

    rating of Under the Boardwalk
  • Orchard beach

    , New York

    It's a beautiful park and beach, the woods are cruised all year long, the beach, section one, and the island behind it are cruised only in the summer. The hot crowd goes there in summer from May until ...

    rating of Orchard beach
  • Bronx Park East

    , New York

    When you first enter the park, to the bridge, take the trail on the left and walk a little, you will see hot males soon.
    Crowd: All tpyes of males, big ones, littles ones, but guaranteed to to get ...

    rating of Bronx  Park East
  • NYU Bobst Library

    70 Washington Square South , New York

    Sadly for some, and fortunately for others, this is really just for students with access to the library.
    There are 4 stalls and 4 urinals. Enough space under the divisions to your neighbor's und ...

    rating of NYU Bobst Library
  • Riverside Park Mens Bathroom

    73rd Street & Hudson River Promenade , New York

    Crowd: On Sat. and Sun mostly staraight Daddies with little kids, but they don't hang out long. Weekdays there are a couple of homeless guys who just do their business there, but for some reason may h ...

    rating of Riverside Park, Men's Bathroom
  • Schmerhorn Columbia University

    116 Street , New York

    A discreet meeting place during the day, relatively safe.
    Crowd: College kids, local people.

    rating of Schmerhorn, Columbia University
  • Subway 2 Line

    , New York

    Crowd: Young cats, black, latinos and a few whites.

    rating of Subway 2 Line