New York Gay Cruising Areas

  • Franklin Avenue Station

    , New York

    2 stalls, 1 . Last time I was there, 4 hot black were all jacking off! Total privacy, no one else came in for 20 minutes!

    rating of Franklin Avenue Station

    1695 Votes

  • Fort Tryon Park-Cloisters

    , New York

    here are lots of public, semi-private, and private spots. Probably best to go in daylight at first, but area gets very steamy after dark. Just have to walk around and see the sights.
    Crowd: Mostly ...

    rating of Fort Tryon Park-Cloisters

    3681 Votes

  • Tuttle Creek

    , New York

    Lots of secluded areas to get nasty, especially on other side of Tubes. The bathhouse by the River Pond beach is nice, too.
    Crowd: Locals, college guys, military.

    rating of Tuttle Creek

    1621 Votes

  • Van Cortlandt Park

    , New York

    ull into the free parking lot and park towards the back. You can stay in your car and wait to be approached or park your car and get out and walk on the path (old railroad tracks) in either direction. ...

    rating of Van Cortlandt Park

    3286 Votes

  • St Nicholas Park

    Manhattan (Harlem), 137th, New York

    he park stretches from 127th to 140th north to south. And St. Nicholas to Convent Ave east to west. You'll want to enter at 135th St and walk to the back of the park. Head north along the sidewalk and ...

    rating of St.  Nicholas Park

    2398 Votes

  • Grand Central Station Lower Level East Side

    42nd St, New York

    No s. No more than one in a , but sometimes you can sneak in...but be very careful! Meet and greet and go someplace else to do anything.
    Crowd: Executives, married, bi's.

    rating of Grand Central Station Lower Level East Side

    3180 Votes

  • New York Subway

    , New York

    ooking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the New York subway. It is becoming a huge trend to ride the last car, k ...

    rating of New York Subway

    3421 Votes

  • Riverside Park 96th Street

    West 96th Street Park on the Hudson River, New York

    All new paths, trees and all cleaned up along the rocks.
    Crowd: Str8 guys/gays/bi, mostly white and Puerto Ricans.

    rating of Riverside Park 96th Street

    2736 Votes

  • Long Island Tourist Info Park

    , New York

    utdoor woods action. Truckers go in, too. Lots and lots of hot NY city and LI boys. Group action all the time.
    Crowd: Many hot guys. Truckers meet Fire Island leftovers in a bear/buff blend.
    Fac ...

    rating of Long Island Tourist Info & Park.

    3158 Votes

  • Manhattan City Park

    , New York

    A little too open to get naked, but limited roads make it easy to see when someone is coming.
    Crowd: Locals, college guys, military.

    rating of Manhattan City Park

    1474 Votes