New York Gay Cruising Areas

  • Bloomingdales

    1000 Third Avenue , New York

    7th is not as private as 8th, but doors are solid and go all the way to the floor. Roomy. 8th Floor bathroom is large. Urinals are on opposite side of the room in nook, very easy to check out guys fi ...

    rating of Bloomingdale's
  • 6 Train Uptown

    , New York

    Crowd: All types, blacks, Hispanic guys.

    rating of 6 Train Uptown
  • Crown Plaza Hotel

    Broadway, north of 46th street , New York

    Plenty of straight traffic, but a few guys making eye-contact. I connected with someone outside the men's room who came in after me. He took a and, when the coast was clear, I went in with him. For a ...

    rating of Crown Plaza Hotel
  • Holiday Inn

    57th st, between 8th and 9th Aves, Manhattan , New York

    The urinals were all busy, so I was taking a leak in a . Dropped my drawers and soon felt someone watching me through the door-crack. I took my time and showed off my , and then motioned the guy in wi ...

    rating of Holiday Inn
  • Church Ave F Train Bathroom

    Church Ave Station on the F train - Brooklyn , New York

    Subway station at Church Ave on the F train in Brooklyn. Bathroom is located near the Church Ave exit (front of train when going into Brooklyn). Very easy to find. Always men looking for BJ after work ...

    rating of Church Ave F Train Bathroom
  • Charles Street Park

    , New York

    This is a good spot to meet and get acquainted in the afternoons. Not really a good spot for getting it on during the day, but when the sun goes down it gets very interesting. Lots of used , so you kn ...

    rating of Charles Street Park
  • Suds Laundromat

    , New York

    Big laundromat, very cruisy with all West Village types (but never really busy). Summer months there is a patio out back where you can wait for your load. I've blown one guy while waiting and jerked o ...

    rating of Suds Laundromat
  • 79th St bet 35 Ave Northern Bl

    , New York

    If you meet someone and it's late, walk 1 block to 78th St (Travers Park). Discretion is advised, but it's free from cops and the like. Sometimes there are soccer games in the yard. Nice to see all th ...

    rating of 79th St bet 35 Ave & Northern Bl
  • Shore Road Park

    Shore Road, Third Ave, Brooklyn , New York

    Open stalls, so look for hard , then get on your knees and offer your tongue.

    Crowd: Mainly white, middle-aged bus drivers looking for what their wives won't do.

    rating of Shore Road Park
  • Bergdorf Goodman

    57/5th , New York

    Marble bathrooms. Three urinals and three stalls. The door opens into the bathroom without much warning, but always busy. Good-looking men...good jerking-off sessions.
    Crowd: Suits, funky guys, all ...

    rating of Bergdorf  Goodman