Brest Gay Cruising Areas

  • Plage de Lost-March

    , Brest

    Once reaching the beach the nude area extends to the south up to a small outcropping which separates Plage de Lost-Marc'h from Plage de la Palue, which is the next beach to the south. Lost-Marc'h is a ...

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  • Plage de Trezien

    , Brest

    Once on the beach walk south (left when facing the water-away from the lighthouse)toward the prominent headland, which is called Pointe de Corsen. The area near this headland is frequented by nude bat ...

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  • Plage dIllien

    , Brest

    This beach is often referred to as the north beach beach of Blancs Sablons. You can also reach this beach by following signs to Plage des Blancs Sablons, parking in the first lot, walking north on the ...

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