Kilborne Park

Updated on 20-Dec-2018

2600 Kilborne Dr

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a park with a multipuropse field, and a disc golf course as well as a picnic area under a shelter.
Crowd: a lot of hispanic males come here, as well as a good mix of black and white males. not very many young guys. Most guys are 30 or older.

from Eastway, heading towards Independence, make a left onto Kilborne, park is on right about 3/4 of a mile down. From Central, heading towards uptown, turn right onto kilborne, park is about a mile down on the left.
Cross street: in between Eastway and Central Ave. 3000 to 3100 Kilborne Dr
  • Crowd:a lot of hispanic males come here, as well as a good mix of black and white males. not very many young guys. Most guys are 30 or older.
  • Hours:From Daylight to Dusk
    Best times: Weekdays around lunch time (11am to 2pm) and then again in the evenings around 4p to 6p. On weekends, pretty much anytime after 12 until closing.
    Dates open: 7 days, 365 from morning to evening
  • Cruising Info/ Tips:USE COMMON SENSE. Beware of a muscular black guy in a black mustang, he is a cop. But he cruises here too, he'll run everyone but the hispanics away. He likes to get his by hispanic males. Never agree to go with someone or meet someone else where, until you have gone several times. Never expose yourself FIRST IN THE BATHROOM. Just look back over your shoulder while you stroke, let them expose themselves first.
    Cruisiest Spots: Bathroom and the trails that branch off of the Disc Golf course.
  • Nudity / Policy: no, don't be stupid. although I have seen some stupid people there.
  • Wheelchair Accessible:No
  • Warnings:people who can't take no for an answer, and people that wanna cruise and hook up, but just sit in the car the whole time, staring at you.
    Warnings: muscular black male in a black mustang and use common sense. Be aware of guys with red shirts just sittin in regular vehicles, those are PARK WATCH OFFICERS. They don't use the park watch vehicles, so you'll be lured in. Just drive around the circular parking lot, see a guy in a read shirt just sitting in a car either in the beginning or end of the lot, just keep on going. Neighbors raised with the city in March 2004 and there were a lot of stings and media coverage.
whos coming to Kilborne Park
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  • any still go there im not that far away

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  • Alot of people walking around but not alot of action

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  • does anyone still come to thiss spot??

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  • I just finish cruising this spot for the first time it's great people just have to go deep in the back and use common sense and everything will be fine.Thank you cruise i'm new to the neighborhood u just got me my fisrt bj from a hot latino

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