Charlotte Gay Cruising Areas

  • Kilborne Park

    2600 Kilborne Dr , Charlotte

    a park with a multipuropse field, and a disc golf course as well as a picnic area under a shelter.
    Crowd: a lot of hispanic males come here, as well as a good mix of black and white males. not very ...

    rating of Kilborne Park
  • Ballentyne Office Building

    13777 Ballentyne Corporate Place , Charlotte

    As you enter the building the cruisy
    restroom will be in the first hallway
    to the left. Hot guys use the restroom
    all day, but the best time is at noon.
    Crowd: Business types.

    rating of Ballentyne Office Building
  • Charlotte Omni Hotel

    2 Nations Bank Plaza , Charlotte

    This cruisy restroom draws a mixed crowd, young to older, who like to show it and get off. There is a great deal of under action. Occasionally it is too busy at noon for much activity, but it shows d ...

    rating of Charlotte Omni Hotel
  • James Boyce Park

    1520 Sardis Ln. , Charlotte

    Pubic Park with lots of trails.

    rating of James Boyce Park
  • Freedom Park

    1900 East Boulevard , Charlotte

    Crowd: Business Executives, College, Straight.

    rating of Freedom Park
  • Carolina Place Mall

    off I-485 , Charlotte

    This cruisy restroom provides good
    privacy. There are no cameras and an
    outside elevator makes for quick
    departures. All kinds of activity occur
    through the day.

    rating of Carolina Place Mall
  • Coffey Point Drive

    Coffee Point Drive , Charlotte

    On and off cruisy area. Back road behind industrial park. Action mornings, lunch time, after work hours. Side road to park. Some people eat lunch here so be discreet. Wooded areas.

    rating of Coffey Point Drive
  • Wyndham Garden Hotel

    2600 Yorkmont Road , Charlotte

    rating of Wyndham Garden Hotel
  • The Shoppes at University Place

    8929 J.M. Keynes Drive , Charlotte

    Crowd: Younger college kids, some older business types.

    rating of The Shoppes at University Place
  • Charlotte Hilton Hotel

    Downtown , Charlotte

    The this cruisy restroom has no glory
    holes but get very active at about 5pm
    on weekdays.
    Crowd: Businessmen, travellers and office ***br***workers.

    rating of Charlotte Hilton Hotel