Charlotte Gay Cruising Areas

  • Am-Best Truck Stop

    4601 Sunset Road , Charlotte

    A cruisy rest area.

    rating of Am-Best Truck Stop
  • Airport Overlook

    7300 Old Dowd Road , Charlotte

    If you want to do anything other than look then make sure you have somewhere to go. Since the other places are heavy patrolled by the police.

    rating of Airport Overlook
  • I-77 Welcome Center

    1440 North 217992 Highway , Charlotte

    Cruisy rest stop.

    rating of I-77 Welcome Center
  • Sheffield Park

    Tarrington Avenue , Charlotte

    green Nature Trail. This is an Mecklenburg county Audibon nature trail. There are several miles of secluded wooded trails. Action is hot in the afternoon and early evening. ark at the entrance on Ta ...

    rating of Sheffield Park
  • Coffey Point Drive

    Coffee Point Drive , Charlotte

    On and off cruisy area. Back road behind industrial park. Action mornings, lunch time, after work hours. Side road to park. Some people eat lunch here so be discreet. Wooded areas.

    rating of Coffey Point Drive
  • Windsor Park

    10140 Windsor Park Drive , Charlotte

    Trails are near retail establishments, lots of apartment complexes around.

    rating of Windsor Park
  • James Boyce Park

    1520 Sardis Ln. , Charlotte

    Pubic Park with lots of trails.

    rating of James Boyce Park
  • Marshalls at midtown

    Kings and Charlottetown , Charlotte

    Large restroom, not busy, lots of gay men, lots of men shoppers. Have had in the parking deck with one of the mangers more than once.

    rating of Marshalls at midtown
  • Frazier Park

    1202 W 4th Street , Charlotte

    Just an average neighborhood park, with a nice trail that goes along Irwin Creek. Pretty non-cruisy now, and there are plenty of places to hide away!

    rating of Frazier Park
  • Target Midtown

    900 Metropolitan Ave. Suite#2 , Charlotte

    Mens bathroom.

    rating of Target Midtown