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  • Woodshed

    Bars Clubs

    Easy to get a bj or give one, also good place to get , never left without getting or getting a bj.
    Crowd: Working class, daddies, bears, men.

  • Charlotte Airport Overlook

    Cruising Areas

    If you want to do anything other than look then make sure you have somewhere to go. Since the other places are heavy patrolled by the police.

  • Douglas International Airport

    Cruising Areas

    In the Concourse A toilet there are four stalls the last two are good for activity and offer good recovery time. The Concourse B restroom has two stal

  • Ballentyne Office Building

    Cruising Areas

    As you enter the building the cruisy
    restroom will be in the first hallway
    to the left. Hot guys use the restroom
    all day, but the best ti