Charlotte Gay Gyms

  • YMCA Charlotte Central

    Morehead and Calswell, just south off uptown. , Charlotte

    Pumped-up guys go to the steam rooms after workout to show their dicks and . Some occasional bj's. Good pick-up spot.
    Crowd: Mostly professionals in their late 20's to mid 30's.

    rating of YMCA, Charlotte (Central)
  • Jewish Community Center

    5007 Providence Road , Charlotte

    Huge new facility, extremely clean and well maintained. You need a card to get in but just follow someone when the door is open by their card. No one really checks.
    Crowd: Mostly married profession ...

    rating of Jewish Community Center
  • YMCA Charlotte Harris

    5900 Quail Hollow Rd , Charlotte

    Crowd: everyone

    rating of YMCA, Charlotte, Harris
  • YMCA Charlotte Uptown

    2 First Union Building , Charlotte

    This gym is cruisy during less crowded
    times, early morning and late evening.
    Great spot for white and black men to
    meet. The action is in the jacuzzi and
    steam room.
    Crowd: cruiser ...

    rating of YMCA, Charlotte, Uptown
  • Crown Athletic Cllub

    100 N. Tryon St , Charlotte

    Cruisy health club.
    Crowd: This place is full of hot married men looking for a release.

    rating of Crown Athletic Cllub
  • Peak Fitness - Harrisburg Location

    US49 , Charlotte

    The steamroom and showers are a good discreet place to go. Very few people use the lockerroom here so it'd be safe for some mutual jo and maybe some head in the steamroom or the handicap shower room.< ...

    rating of Peak Fitness - Harrisburg Location