Fort Wayne Gay Cruising Areas

  • Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne Helmke Library

    2101 East Coliseum Boulevad, Fort Wayne

    ot, young college boys from 18 to 25, looking to either get their , or give head, and or get .
    Plenty of action going on throughout the day until closing time. Safe for sucking either in the stal ...

    rating of Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne Helmke Library

    5346 Votes

  • Interstate Theaters Coventry 13

    , Fort Wayne

    Crowd: young studs, High school and college students and who ever wants!

    rating of Interstate Theaters Coventry 13

    2406 Votes

  • South End alley

    between Harrison and Webster st., Fort Wayne

    rating of South End alley

    2489 Votes

  • Tillman Park

    600 Tillman Road, Fort Wayne

    rating of Tillman Park

    2056 Votes

  • Swinney Park

    , Fort Wayne

    rating of Swinney Park

    1863 Votes

  • Glenbrook Square Mall

    4201 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne

    A very busy washroom and a great place
    to connect with younger guys. Best
    to take action elsewhere as restroom is
    too busy to be safe.
    Crowd: Mostly younger crowd.

    rating of Glenbrook Square Mall

    1956 Votes

  • Foster Park

    , Fort Wayne

    wo Fort Wayne parks that are popular cruising spots are Foster Park (near the bridge that connects Foster Park with the Bluffton Road soccer fields; check out Pavilion #3 area, which is not often freq ...

    rating of Foster Park

    2270 Votes

  • Allen County Public Library

    900 Webster, Fort Wayne

    rating of Allen County Public Library

    1379 Votes

  • Westland Mall

    6100 West Jefferson, Fort Wayne

    Has 2 Stalls with clearance under their walls
    Crowd: Guys wanting both to or be ed

    rating of Westland Mall

    2124 Votes

  • Ivy Tech College Library

    3800 N Anthony Blvd, Fort Wayne

    Crowd: young studs looking to get relief

    rating of Ivy Tech College Library

    1251 Votes

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