Houston Gay Cruising Areas

  • Wooded Field on Hwy 6

    Hwy 6 and West Road, Houston

    Outdoor action.
    Crowd: Young types and guys.

    rating of Wooded Field on Hwy 6

    2591 Votes

  • Doubletree Hotel at Allen Center

    400 Dallas Street, Houston

    oth restrooms are cruisy and doors
    provide enough warning to allow some
    great one on one sessions.
    Crowd: Travellers & businessmen.
    With an unrivaled location within walking distance to ...

    rating of Doubletree Hotel at Allen Center

    3146 Votes

  • Sears

    4201 Main Street & Wheeler, Houston

    ruiser update 5/5/2009:Okay looks like Sears is coming back , I have been their once a week for the last month, the s have lower walls so you can't stick your under, but the s have one or two doors t ...

    rating of Sears

    2991 Votes

  • University of Houston MD Anderson Library

    4800 Calhoun Rd. #114, Houston

    No but lots of / action. Just go into the restroom and wait! Weekends are kind of slow but a hot college guy will eventually show.
    Crowd: Young college types, if older you might get funny looks!

    rating of University of Houston M.D. Anderson Library

    5377 Votes

  • Kleb Wood Nature Preserve

    , Houston

    eavily wooded 'nature preserve' type park with hiking trails, campground, picnic tables and pavilion. Not heavily used, so privacy is often easy to find, given a bit of common sense.
    Crowd: Mostly ...

    rating of Kleb Wood Nature Preserve

    2042 Votes

  • Houston Intercontinental Airport

    , Houston

    Fairly quiet restroom, which serves local
    activity and offers some recovery time.
    Crowd: Airport employees & travelers.

    rating of Houston Intercontinental Airport

    4005 Votes

  • Mercer Arboretum

    , Houston

    The heaviest action occurs in the back
    area of the park. The restroom and woods
    are active throughout the day.
    Crowd: Students through retired.

    rating of Mercer Arboretum

    1812 Votes

  • Bank of America

    700 Louisiana, Houston

    lthough the restroom is on the fourth
    floor there are no restrictions to public
    access. It has three stalls, without peep
    or s, which see a lot of action
    during the morning & afternoon ...

    rating of Bank of America

    2200 Votes

  • North Harris Community College

    2700 W.W. Thorne Blvd, Houston

    Great action and walkways to restrooms give plenty of time to 'adjust'.
    Crowd: Young college guys and some middle-aged men.

    rating of North Harris Community College

    2155 Votes

  • Baylor College of Medicine Alkek Building

    1 Baylor Plaza, Houston

    Its a place for construction workers, students, and staff to meet and .
    Crowd: Hot construction workers, students, and staff.

    rating of Baylor College of Medicine Alkek Building

    1886 Votes