Houston Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Galleria Mall Expansion

    5075 Westheimer Road , Houston

    Weekdays bring lots of professional guys on lunch breaks and weekends lots of hot guys either shopping or getting off while their wives spend money.

    rating of Galleria Mall Expansion
  • Houston Community College JB Whitely Hall

    1301 Alabama Street , Houston

    8 stalls in restroom so you know if someone sits next to you then chances are they are looking for action. Door is blocked by wall so gives a chance to recover.

    rating of Houston Community College, J.B. Whitely Hall
  • Fiesta Mart - Bellaire Boulevard

    6200 Bellaire Boulevard , Houston

    Lots of activity, mens room is to the left of customer service booth.

    rating of Fiesta Mart - Bellaire Boulevard
  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport

    2800 North Terminal Road , Houston

    Fairly quiet restroom, which serves local activity and offers some recovery time.

    rating of George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • University of Houston MD Anderson Library

    4800 Calhoun Road , Houston

    No glory hole but lots of urinal and under stall action. Just go into the restroom and wait. Weekends are kind of slow but a hot college guy will eventually show.

    rating of University of Houston M.D. Anderson Library
  • 1221 Lamar

    1221 Lamar, 9th Floor , Houston

    Quiet and good between 2 and 3pm. Care, of course, as always.

    rating of 1221 Lamar
  • Home Depot

    6800 Highway 6 North , Houston

    This restroom has been remodeled. No more peep holes and no glory hole. Gaps in the doors were covered with metal pieces to block checking people out in the stalls.

    rating of Home Depot
  • Rice University Fondren Library

    6100 Main , Houston

    Cruisy library toilets. Requires a student ID to access the library.

    rating of Rice University Fondren Library
  • Houston Community College Spring Branch

    1010 West Sam Houston Parkway North , Houston

    Cruisy bathroom. 3 stalls.

    rating of Houston Community College Spring Branch
  • Mercer botanical garden

    22306 Aldine Westfield Rd , Houston

    This location is across the street from the library its a good place to hook up.

    rating of Mercer botanical garden
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