Houston Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Excellence Video

    9999 Gulf Freeway Frontage Road , Houston

    Computers and a theater. not always minorities but a strong Hispanic central american clientele. They sell a few toys, lube and condoms besides the dvds. Large video arcade with at least 30 booths. Th ...

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  • Adult Megaplexxx

    5909 Richmond Avenue , Houston

    There are ten booths that run on dollar bills. There is a camera at the end of the hallway that the clerk can see; they generally leave everyone alone unless they see someone loitering in the hallway ...

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  • HIgh Time Video

    14501 Northwest Freeway , Houston

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  • Executive Adult Video Theatre

    14002 Northwest Freeway , Houston

    Go to the theater and sit in the back row, someone will suck your cock in a matter of seconds. There are lots of good looking men here. Sometimes you can catch a transvestite or two in there.

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  • I-420 24 Hr Video and Smokeshop

    10528 Gulf Freewy , Houston

    Very accommodating with a clean restroom. Lots of private booths and two theatre areas. Feel free to leave your door cracked.

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  • Talk of the Town Houston 420

    8226 Gulf Freeway , Houston

    Adult arcade. The signage out front says "Houston 420", but it's listed as Talk of the Town.

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  • Candies Lingerie 24 Hour DVD

    11463 North Fwy Service Road , Houston

    Candies Lingerie is in the XTC shopping center. It is a DVD and Lingerie store but there is an arcade to the side that you can now feed a machine $5. There is a functional restroom in the arcade area ...

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  • 24 Hour News

    8900 North Freeway , Houston

    They have both, a flat fee video preview booth section and a a dollar feed machine booth section.

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  • Houston 420 - Eastex Freeway

    9906 Eastex Freeway , Houston

    An adult video arcade. There's a $7.00 cover to enter. There's a theater included which normally runs the same two or three movies over and over all day. It leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to ...

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  • Adult Lingerie Gifts

    7113 Clarewood Drive , Houston

    A small video viewing area with about 12-15 video booths. You pay $5 to enter with no in and out privileges. They is a money machine where the money gets handled. The booths are in straight line excep ...

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