Lawrence Gay Cruising Areas

  • University of Kansas Kansas Union

    Lawrence, KS , Lawrence

    2 s across from one, urinals both sides. Door creaks loudly. Tile behind double wall is very reflective. Watch for kids showing their under the doors.
    Crowd: Students, some older guys

    rating of University of Kansas Kansas Union
  • University of Kansas Watson Library 2nd Floor

    1425 Jayhawk Boulevard , Lawrence

    Crowd: students, some older.

    rating of University of Kansas Watson Library 2nd Floor
  • Campanile

    , Lawrence

    Men cruising often park at the rear of the lot and stand by their cars. Others walk behind the museum, through the trees or by the lake. Many college guys looking for head. The photo of a wooded area ...

    rating of Campanile
  • Riverfront Park

    , Lawrence

    Very scenic area with a lot of trees, secluded paths. The trails run for miles from each direction of the parking lot.
    Crowd: Every type from college frat boys to blue collar older men.

    rating of Riverfront Park
  • Clinton Lake Outlet

    , Lawrence

    Gets some straight crowd as well, but usually they stay away from the cruisy restroom area. There are paths, several of which woodsy was uninterrupted.
    Crowd: Construction workers, cowboys, colleg ...

    rating of Clinton Lake Outlet
  • Dad Perry Park

    , Lawrence

    The bathrooms are well-lit like the parking lot, however, you can always try the wooded areas. At least at this park, you get to see what is available BEFORE you grab it. :}

    rating of Dad Perry Park