Manchester Gay Bathhouses Saunas

  • H2O Sauna

    36-38 Sackville Street, Manchester

    ruiser Update 3/27/2008: You dont have to be a member to visit, its 10 quid before noon, 8 quid on wednesdays, 8 quid for students mon-thurs. Nudity and policy is permissive. To get there, its above ...

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  • Pennine

    Rochdale Road 96, Manchester

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  • Inferno Sauna formerly Heat Sauna

    Wilbraham Road Chorlton, Manchester

    pdate5/20/2009: membership is required but this can be done at the door.

    UPdate 11/25/2008: This venue is now called 'INFERNO'

    cinema room, 5 rest rooms, group rest room, sling room, da ...

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