Manchester Gay Toilelts, Washrooms

  • Kohls Mens Room

    155 Tolland Turnpike , Manchester

    Very nice area to cruise, store staff rarely checks on the bathrooms. Men's room is located in the back of the store near customer service.

    rating of Kohl's Mens Room
  • JC Penny Mens Room

    194 Buckland Hills Drive , Manchester

    A cruisy bathroom in the mall. There is a double door to enter the bathroom so you get an early warning if someone is coming.

    rating of J.C Penny Mens Room
  • AMC Great Northern 16 Cinema toilets

    Unit 2 - 253 Deansgate , Manchester

    Unmanaged toilets had a few guys in there.

    rating of AMC Great Northern  16 Cinema toilets
  • New Manchester Arndale Toilets

    Manchester Arndale, Exchange Court , Manchester

    Toilets are quite new so please do not turn these toilets into a complete mess like others in the city centre if we're discreete this place has potential.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of New Manchester Arndale Toilets
  • Trafford Centre Orient Toilet

    Trafford Centre, Jn 9 off M60 , Manchester

    Crowd: Business men, dads, shop workers.

    rating of Trafford Centre Orient Toilet
  • Cheetham Hill Toilets

    Behind the Health Centre / Near Kwiksave , Manchester

    Small, can only fit 2 at the
    Crowd: Loads of scallies, business men on ,lunch hour and builders who often pull up in their vans and pop in for a quick .

    rating of Cheetham Hill Toilets
  • Stretford Mall Toilets

    Stretford Mall , Manchester

    Toilets outside Stretford Mall

    rating of Stretford Mall Toilets
  • Trafford Centre-Food Hall Toilets

    Trafford Shopping Centre. , Manchester

    Crowd: All the gay guys that work in the shopping centre. Young lads, men out with their families but nip in for a etc. ALL TYPES!

    rating of Trafford Centre-Food Hall Toilets.
  • Old Trafford Toilets

    , Manchester

    Small salmon coloured painted toilet block in a layby out of town with large area and one cubicle - mostly men looking for especially in the evening and late at night.
    Crowd: Mainly scally and y ...

    rating of Old Trafford Toilets
  • Trafford Park Third Avenue Toilet

    the toilets are in the block just above the AV of Third Avenue. , Manchester

    cruiser Update 1/28/2008: mens toilets now open again. cruising still big in carpark, and action also in ladies room after dark.
    Public toilet, quiet except for gay scene. Truckers park up outside ...

    rating of Trafford Park Third Avenue Toilet
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