New York Gay Cruising Areas

  • W Hotel

    541 Lexington Avenue, between 49th & 50th , New York

    Great set-up: sinks, etc. when you enter; urinals & stalls around the corner. Plenty of warning. Stalls have floor-to-ceiling doors, so lots of privacy. Cruise guys at urinals, go into stalls for acti ...

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  • Richmond Terrace - Near Ferry

    , New York

    rating of Richmond Terrace - Near Ferry
  • Strand Bookstore

    Fulton St. , New York

    This is a great place for a quickie, in and out, so to speak. Usually one on one. You have to be careful of store employees, but most are in on it.
    Crowd: All types.

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  • Middaugh St Clmb Heights

    , New York

    After midnight there is always someone looking for action. All types and ages and action.

    rating of Middaugh St, Clmb Heights
  • Sunset Park Brooklyn

    , New York

    Just happened to be driving through on my way to the city. It's an industrial/warehouse area. At the stop sign I noticed lots of cruising Mercedes and BMW's, when a hunk of a guy in a jeep flashed his ...

    rating of Sunset Park, Brooklyn
  • Ave of Americas

    1251 Ave. of the Americas (at 50th st.) , New York

    On Sundays, all the shops in the area are closed. This place is usually too touristy during the week, but on weekends, the only guys in the stalls are looking to . Place is clean and safe.
    Crowd: A ...

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  • Borough of Manhattan CC

    199 Chambers Street , New York

    cruiser update 9/18/2008: gloryhole 2nd floor, south side
    cruiser update 7/25/2008: The 1st floor bathrooms are a terrible place to go in -- The 4th floor bathrooms in the South wing have much more ...

    rating of Borough of Manhattan C.C.
  • City College North Campus Arts Building

    140th St/Amsterdam Ave , New York

    Large, second bathroom at the wall, on the third floor of the Arts Building. Take the elevator to third floor, make a right and walk across the hallway, make a left at the end and walk to the end. In ...

    rating of City College North Campus Arts Building
  • Sputen Duyvil Park-Train Station

    , New York

    Park in train station parking or near park enterance. Two parks to play in.
    Quiet and safe after dark.
    Crowd: All types.

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  • Flea Market

    67th St. , New York

    Crowd: Locals

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