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  • Stargate - Serendib Video Inc

    Sixth Ave Avenue of the Americas, New York

    New owners to the old Serendip Video store on 6th Ave. at W. 25th street. Newly expanded second floor has eight video booths which all have very large drilled gloryholes.

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  • Unicorn Video

    336 8TH Ave, New York

    Plenty of sucking and some in the booths through the s. They keep an eye out for those trying to get two in a booth.
    Crowd: All kinds but especially blue collar and ethnic and gay men.

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    6206 Votes

  • Extreme Video

    763 8th Avenue, New York

    It's a clean cheap place to drop a load before going home.
    Crowd: All kinds.

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    3099 Votes

  • Blue Door Video

    87 1st Avenue, New York

    ruiser update 3/19/2009: Upstairs was totally "dead." Not only have the GH's been sealed, they have warning notices posted all over the place about undercover cops entrapping unsuspecting patrons and ...

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  • DVD Explosion

    31st and 8th, New York

    Crowd: Business men after work

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  • Bijou Cinema

    82 East 4th St., New York, NY 10003 between Bowery & 2nd Ave., New York

    ijou has risen anew! It can be a great place for anything goes behind locked doors.
    Crowd: Bijou used to be a really hot place with lots of private booths. It has reopened and everything is pretty ...

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    10357 Votes

  • Xcellent DVD

    515 Sixth Avenue, New York

    ots of curious young New York University college dudes who want to get off. Then, they seem to graduate to sucking and swallowing . If your is big enough and the bottom guy is agile enough, the glo ...

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    7207 Votes

  • Video Video aka 725 Video

    725 6th Ave (Ave of the Americas), New York

    update 1/7/2009: no more slots

    previous comment: Video store with room in back for watching videos. A good selection of men congregate there all day but the best times are between 5 and 7 pm.

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    3008 Votes

  • Blue Store

    200's West 40th Street, New York

    airly new adult video store somewhat hidden by all the scaffolds on W. 40th street. Big store but the important part is downstairs. Head to the back of the store and take a left down one small flight ...

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  • Peep World Penn Station

    7th and 33rd, New York

    Relatively hustler free, never fail to get action.
    Crowd: All types.

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    3324 Votes