New York Gay Gyms

  • New York Sports 23rd-Park Ave

    113 East 23rd Street , New York

    Enter on 23rd near Park Ave. Men's locker room is upstairs. Very cruisey sauna and steam room. You can tell who's there for action pretty quick. Just sit with towel loosely over your and casually rea ...

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  • New York Sports 14th Street

    34 West 14th Street , New York

    Gym with steam room and sauna and lots of guys wanting to play.

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  • YMCA McBurney

    125 West 14th Street , New York

    Has an excellent large steamroom. When it's steamed up if you're in the back of it, it's very hard to see anything going on, so you have plenty of time to stop if someone walks in. Showers and Sauna a ...

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  • YMCA Vanderbuilt

    224 East 47th Street , New York

    Shower, Sauna, and 2 separate shower areas.

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  • YMCA Gym

    5 West 63rd Street , New York

    Its pretty nice here. Its full with Hotties!! Waiting to get !

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  • Bally Total Fitness 50th Street bet 8th and 9th

    350 West 50th Street , New York

    nice place. Mens room is upstairs

    rating of Bally Total Fitness 50th Street bet 8th and 9th
  • NYSC 38th and Broadway

    1372 Broadway , New York

    Memberships required unless your a guess. Steam and sauna here are hot, I'm almost afraid to tell you all about it. entrance is on 38th not 37th.

    rating of NYSC 38th and Broadway
  • David Barton Gym

    W 23rd Street 215 , New York

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  • Paris Health Club

    752 West End Avenue , New York

    It is a private gym, with a mix of young, preppy Upper West Side guys, and older men.
    Crowd: Preppy White and Latino guys in their 20s and 30s; Older Men 50+ (but they don't tend to be looking to p ...

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