New York Gay Gyms

  • New York Sports Club Wall St

    30 Wall St. , New York

    It can be hit and miss but very often something is going on, from guys who simply want to do a group jerk, to those wanting to get or .
    Crowd: All kinds. Ranges from young studs, to hot older guys ...

    rating of New York Sports Club, Wall St
  • Paris Health Club

    752 West End Avenue , New York

    It is a private gym, with a mix of young, preppy Upper West Side guys, and older men.
    Crowd: Preppy White and Latino guys in their 20s and 30s; Older Men 50+ (but they don't tend to be looking to p ...

    rating of Paris Health Club
  • NYSC Third Avenue

    633 Third Avenue , New York

    Most of the guys in the Steam room are up to play. It gets really dark in there so you can actually have full on without guys notice it!
    Crowd: All kind of guys.

    rating of NYSC, Third Avenue
  • New York Sports Club 94th and Broadway

    2527 Broadway , New York

    Crowd: Lots of young college guys, latinos, some blacks, and some oldies.Facilities: Sauna, Steam Room, Showers, Locker room, and basic gym stuff.

    rating of New York Sports Club (94th and Broadway)
  • Crunch Fitness NYC

    75 W End Ave , New York

    Crowd: College students, all type of men

    rating of Crunch Fitness, NYC
  • Battery Park Swim Fitness

    375 South End Avenue , New York

    Decent gym. Quite cramped but also not very busy. Nice Hudson River views to work out to. Steam and sauna rarely used, so can get up to quite a bit of fun in there.
    Crowd: Wall Street types, yuppie ...

    rating of Battery Park Swim & Fitness
  • New York Sports Club Manhattan E 23rd St

    113 East 23rd Sreet , New York

    Crowd: Mostly college students and white collar guys.

    rating of New York Sports Club, Manhattan, E 23rd St
  • Equinox Fitness NYC

    59th & Broadway , New York

    Up market gym. Steam room in the men's locker room is really cruisy. I have never been there and not scored.
    Crowd: Anyone who can afford the membersip fee.
    Facilities: Up market gym.

    rating of Equinox Fitness, NYC
  • New York Sports Club NYC North End Ave

    102 North End Avenue , New York

    Very clean
    Crowd: All types very few out of shape men.

    rating of New York Sports Club, NYC, North End Ave
  • Equinox Fitness Manhattan

    14 Wall Street , New York

    Financial District Gym. Part of a chain.
    Crowd: City guys.

    rating of Equinox Fitness, Manhattan