Philadelphia Gay Cruising Areas

  • Mellon Independence Center

    701 Market , Philadelphia

    This building takes up the whole street on Market between 7th & 8th Sts. Considering other places, this spot is rather on the clean side. Virtually everyone Crowd is for a quick or mutual . A row of ...

    rating of Mellon Independence Center
  • Free Library of Philadelphia

    1901 Vine Street , Philadelphia

    rating of Free Library of Philadelphia
  • PATCO Speedline

    , Philadelphia

    If you know what you want, go for it.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys.

    rating of PATCO Speedline
  • Valley Creek Park

    , Philadelphia

    This rural park provides a great spot for
    a little lunchtime action. Guys come
    from nearby commercial areas to offer or
    receive a little relief.
    Crowd: Guys from nearby Great Valley Bu ...

    rating of Valley Creek Park
  • Shops at Liberty

    16th & Chestnut , Philadelphia

    The restroom is large so it can be easy to slip into the ADA at the end. Be careful who you go after lots of others use the restroom, but you will know who is cruising. The next to the ADA used to ...

    rating of Shops at Liberty
  • Vernon Park

    , Philadelphia

    Crowd: Straight guys looking to get off, hustler, and your regular cruisers

    rating of Vernon Park
  • Lindbergh Blvd down by John Heinz Wildlife Refuge

    Lindbergh Blvd and 86th Street , Philadelphia

    Nice stone vehicle path. Dynamite boardwalk.
    City to the North, airport to the South.
    Benches overlooking the water.
    Crowd: Straight guys, college guys, jocks who wanna dump a load on the sly ...

    rating of Lindbergh Blvd down by John Heinz Wildlife Refuge
  • Superfresh parkinglot

    , Philadelphia

    Crowd: Truck drivers.

    rating of Superfresh parkinglot
  • Burholme Park

    , Philadelphia

    Crowd: All kinds.

    rating of Burholme Park
  • Wissinoming Park

    , Philadelphia

    Crowd: Various age, color, etc. all guys.

    rating of Wissinoming Park