Philadelphia Gay Cruising Areas

  • Manayunk Towpath

    Main Street and Green Lane , Philadelphia

    The Towpath is a walking/running area behind all the buildings in Manayunk. Under the Green Lane bridge seems to be the cruisiest spot. Plenty of places to go to have some fun!
    Crowd: All ages.

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  • Free Library of Philadelphia

    19th and Vine Street , Philadelphia

    Crowd: Blacks, white, latinos, asians, looking to get off.

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  • University of Pennsylvania Goddard Laboratory Mens Washrooms

    3710 Hamilton Walk , Philadelphia

    Small bathroom with one adjacent to the one . When you walk in through the main door, there is an additional door that can be closed but not locked.
    Crowd: University of Pennsylvania students, UP ...

    rating of University of Pennsylvania, Goddard Laboratory, Mens Washrooms
  • Pennypack

    , Philadelphia

    Nice isolated spots throughout.

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  • Hunting Park

    , Philadelphia

    It's a park. Again, I have seen and ing go on. Watched two fine guys, one black and one hispanic getting it on. The black guy dicked the hispanic guy down. Then watched on another night a black guy ...

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  • 30th Street Station

    AMTRAK Station -- 30th Street , Philadelphia

    Urinals, no dividers, stalls with doors but some holes, not heavily monitored
    Crowd: mixed

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  • Roosevelt Park The Lakes

    , Philadelphia

    People park and and if there is a mutual attraction than signal each other. You have to be careful just like anywhere. Cops drive around but don't usually bother you. Just be aware.
    Crowd: Varies

    rating of Roosevelt Park (The Lakes)
  • Philadelphia SEPTA Rail System

    , Philadelphia

    Looking for some on the way to work, going home from work, after shopping or after the club? For all you guys who are riders on the subway or light rail rapid transit, it is becoming a huge trend to ...

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  • Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts The

    260 South Broad Street , Philadelphia

    rating of Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, The
  • South Street Park

    , Philadelphia

    It's near the Hilton Hotel; you can meet a friend and go with him anywhere you want: he needs you more than you need him.
    Crowd: Any person.

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