Sacramento Gay Cruising Areas

  • American River College Science Building

    4700 College Oak Dr, Sacramento

    Crowd: students, faculty

    rating of American River College Science Building

    4144 Votes

  • Howe Avenue Park

    Howe Ave & Cottage Way, Sacramento

    Crowd: Mixed

    rating of Howe Avenue Park

    2369 Votes

  • Willow Creek Rec Area

    , Sacramento

    Hot with suburban guys great place to get and give head, private enough to do anything.
    Crowd: All types married men and yuppies.

    rating of Willow Creek Rec. Area

    3641 Votes

  • Kohls - Natomas

    Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento

    The mens room has a metal strip on the ceiling that you can use as a mirror to check out what's going on in the other . I saw a gay jacking it and we each other off.

    rating of Kohls - Natomas

    4126 Votes

  • Brannan Island Road

    , Sacramento

    Crowd: All types of masculine men.

    rating of Brannan Island Road

    1739 Votes

  • Country Club Center

    Watt & El Camino, Sacramento

    Be a little descreet if in the parking lot. Lots of places to go around there after you hook-up. Good drinks reasonably priced.
    Crowd: Guys looking to give or get head.

    rating of Country Club Center

    1982 Votes

  • Ancil Hoffman Park Washrooms

    6700 Tarshes Dr, Sacramento

    rating of Ancil Hoffman Park Washrooms

    2877 Votes

  • Sac State Locker Room Showers

    6000 J Street, Sacramento

    Crowd: The locker room is usually vacant and no one checks in the showers. Hot Jack off, and goes on.

    rating of Sac State Locker Room Showers

    3017 Votes

  • Mala Bar

    2960 Del Paso Road, Sacramento

    Great bathroom to do just about anything in. VERY private. Nice grab bars to hang onto while bent over.
    Crowd: Business class people, middle class

    rating of Mala Bar

    1616 Votes

  • Arcade Creek

    , Sacramento

    Nice and woody, real tight path, looks well traveled, little places to duck behind for some fun.
    Crowd: Business professionals, residential.

    rating of Arcade Creek

    2074 Votes