Sacramento Gay Cruising Areas

  • JC Penny Arden Fair Mall

    , Sacramento

    Hidden Restroom with 3 s very close together and gloryholes, great or under action as well.

    Was there today at 1pm and got off by this hot 19 year old mexican dude. Then went back for mor ...

    rating of JC Penny, Arden Fair Mall
  • Nature Preserve

    , Sacramento

    Well-wooded, small nature preserve with lots of bushes. Seldom if ever used by anyone. Hidden in the middle of the city of Sacramento in an up and coming gay neighborhood. I've been about a dozen time ...

    rating of Nature Preserve
  • Paradise Beach-Glen Hall Park

    , Sacramento

    Nude sunbathing. Frequent cruising. Nice private nooks to lay out in.
    Crowd: College guys on up.

    rating of Paradise Beach-Glen Hall Park
  • William Land Park

    4000 South Land Park Drive at Sutterville Road , Sacramento

    Good lead time if someone enters, as there is a ten foot long corridor you have to go around before you reach the urinals and toilet.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of William Land Park
  • Ancil Hoffman Park Washrooms

    6700 Tarshes Dr , Sacramento

    rating of Ancil Hoffman Park Washrooms
  • Willow Creek Rec Area

    , Sacramento

    Hot with suburban guys great place to get and give head, private enough to do anything.
    Crowd: All types married men and yuppies.

    rating of Willow Creek Rec. Area
  • Watt Ave Park

    , Sacramento

    I have always had the best luck on foot, just at dusk. Walk through the parking area until you catch someone's eye, then take a trail down to the river. It's right by the bike trail, so pay attention ...

    rating of Watt Ave. Park
  • N 10th Street Beach

    , Sacramento

    Secluded place. no park, just down by the river. Some homeless can occasionally be found. (Editor: listings for this place go back to the Paleolithic era!)
    Crowd: All kinds, young, old, big variety ...

    rating of N. 10th Street Beach
  • State Treasurers Building Rest

    Directly west of Capitol Building , Sacramento

    They recently took off 2 of the doors. Best idea is to tap your foot when you re in a or at -- you might want to take your action offsite after you meet a guy.
    Crowd: Suits, downtown dudes lookin ...

    rating of State Treasurer's Building Rest
  • Auburn Ravine - American River

    , Sacramento

    This place is awesome. It's a beautiful river canyon totally protected from outsiders. Swimming is popular, though the water is cool. All men, and virtually all are naked. Open is common and perfectl ...

    rating of Auburn Ravine - American River