Sacramento Gay Cruising Areas

  • Yuba River South Fork

    , Sacramento

    Warm enough for swimming in summer. No facilities, so make sure you pack water, lunch etc. And make sure you pack it out too! 20-40 men on weekends.
    Crowd: Gay men from SF & Sacto

    rating of Yuba River South Fork

    3082 Votes

  • Watt Avenue American River Access

    , Sacramento

    Scenic Trails, lots of hot men, usually best in Spring and summer.
    Crowd: Students, businessmen, jocks, blue colar, whites, blacks, hispanics and asians.

    rating of Watt Avenue American River Access

    4038 Votes

  • Sutters Landing at the river

    , Sacramento

    rating of Sutters Landing at the river

    3609 Votes

  • William Land Park

    4000 South Land Park Drive at Sutterville Road, Sacramento

    Good lead time if someone enters, as there is a ten foot long corridor you have to go around before you reach the urinals and toilet.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of William Land Park

    2795 Votes

  • I-5 Rest Area

    , Sacramento

    irty at night, mosquitos and moths in warm weather, freezing in winter, but hasn't stopped me yet. A long time ago you could park under trees on grass at far end of rest area and have in car, but CHP ...

    rating of I-5 Rest Area

    8978 Votes

  • Watt Ave Park

    , Sacramento

    have always had the best luck on foot, just at dusk. Walk through the parking area until you catch someone's eye, then take a trail down to the river. It's right by the bike trail, so pay attention t ...

    rating of Watt Ave. Park

    3110 Votes

  • Nature Preserve

    , Sacramento

    ell-wooded, small nature preserve with lots of bushes. Seldom if ever used by anyone. Hidden in the middle of the city of Sacramento in an up and coming gay neighborhood. I've been about a dozen times ...

    rating of Nature Preserve

    5882 Votes

  • Paradise Beach-Glen Hall Park

    , Sacramento

    Nude sunbathing. Frequent cruising. Nice private nooks to lay out in.
    Crowd: College guys on up.

    rating of Paradise Beach-Glen Hall Park

    3755 Votes

  • Jimboys Parking Lot

    corner of 29th and O, Sacramento

    was sitting in my car in the parking lot in the back area and this way cute, young guy was walking around and standing by the wall -I kind of winked at him and then he stood against the wall in front ...

    rating of Jimboy's Parking Lot

    2471 Votes

  • Red Lion-Sacramento Inn

    Near Arden Fair @ Hwy 80, Sacramento

    Mainly blow jobs & jacking off under the stalls.
    Crowd: Young & older cruisers and Business travelers

    rating of Red Lion-Sacramento Inn

    2056 Votes