San Diego Gay Cruising Areas

  • United States Naval Reservation

    Downtown, San Diego

    Stalls have peep holes only, but lots of space for under wall action. Two entry doors make lots of noise and provide good warning of approach.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of United States Naval Reservation

    3332 Votes

  • Blacks Beach

    , San Diego

    Long beach on the pacific. Plenty of sand and surf guys walking around all the time. Pack light as it's hard to get heavy stuff up and down trails.
    Crowd: Anyone who doesn't like to wear clothes.

    rating of Blacks Beach

    9821 Votes

  • Ocean Beach

    , San Diego

    ost of the fire rings are in use by the "general public," but don't let that scare you. I've gotten naked with 4 other guys about 75 yards away from a group singing 'round the fire and they were compl ...

    rating of Ocean Beach

    2682 Votes

  • Presidio Park

    , San Diego

    Check out all 3 areas of this park, but the best area at nite is the top area!
    Crowd: all types

    rating of Presidio Park

    3079 Votes

  • Sears Essentials formerly Big Kmart

    8730 Rio San Diego Dr,, San Diego

    Big K-mart Friars & Texas Sts. Peek between door & frame. Usual store restroom. Sometimes a line for the stalls.
    Crowd: Horn dogs

    rating of Sears Essentials (formerly Big Kmart)

    2425 Votes

  • Marian Bear Mem Natural Park

    , San Diego

    Though less busy, there also bushes by parking lot at Gennessee Ave. Avoid plants with dark green leaves, likely poison oak.

    rating of Marian Bear Mem. Natural Park

    2143 Votes

  • Horton Plaza Macys

    Horton Plaza, San Diego

    did two really cute young guys that worked at Horton Plaza at the same time... I got a double facial..... Another time an older guy (30's) serviced me..I will be back...this is a good option when 101 ...

    rating of Horton Plaza Macy's

    2097 Votes

  • University Town Center

    4575 La Jolla Village Drive, San Diego

    Two stalls are alway active.
    Crowd: All types.

    rating of University Town Center

    2497 Votes

  • San Diego City College

    1313 12th, San Diego

    Double doors offer advance warning
    Crowd: Students, lots of variety.

    rating of San Diego City College

    2133 Votes

  • Balboa Park

    , San Diego

    Crowd: All types, some very hot young/latino dudes.

    rating of Balboa Park

    3229 Votes