San Diego Gay Bookstores Sex Shops Theatres

  • Adult Depot Kurtz St

    3489 Kurtz St. , San Diego

    Fun theater in the back...the adult store was closed, but now it's open and even better.
    Crowd: Clean guys, some m/f couples.

    rating of Adult Depot Kurtz St
  • Romantix formerly Midnight Adult Bookstore ampVideo Center

    3606 Midway Drive , San Diego

    There is one and one peep hole.
    Crowd: All kinds of guys -- old, young, sailors, marines, tourists.

    rating of Romantix (formerly Midnight Adult Bookstore &Video Center)
  • Adult Depot Pacific HWY

    4055 Pacific Hwy , San Diego

    9 Booths in total. Small theatre in the back.

    rating of Adult Depot, Pacific HWY
  • Jolar Cinema

    6321 University Ave , San Diego

    There are now two small theaters or "viewing rooms" which play non-stop straight . Entrance fee is $10. Pay your entrance fee, go down the hall past the conversation booths, turn right at first hall, ...

    rating of Jolar Cinema
  • Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore

    3610 Barnett Ave. (in Loma Portal) , San Diego

    Update 9/16/2008: The new lay out is two rooms each with two large screens one room playing straight (some ts movies) and one playing one straight and one gay .

    The 'straight' room has four ro ...

    rating of Barnett Avenue Adult Superstore
  • Adult Emporium

    5151 Convoy St. , San Diego

    New bookstore/Arcade with comfortable booths and plenty of off street parking
    Crowd: All kinds of guys. I've seen several guys cruising in the book and toy area.

    rating of Adult Emporium
  • Adult World

    7656 Broadway , San Diego

    There are many s in multiple booths. Staff will leave you alone if you are discreet. You will be ejected from the place if you make it obvious or go in and out of the bookstore many tmes. IMPORTANT! K ...

    rating of Adult World
  • FantasyLand

    Jamacha & 125fwy , San Diego

    Crowd: All kinds of men, some women, but not many.

    rating of FantasyLand
  • Kitty Kat Theater

    4652 University Avenue , San Diego

    The men sitting in the seats to the left are usually wanting to . The facility is very safe.
    Crowd: ers and those seeking relief.

    rating of Kitty Kat Theater
  • F Street Adult Video Gifts North Park

    2004 University Ave , San Diego

    rating of F Street Adult Video & Gifts North Park