San Diego Gay Gyms

  • San Diego State University Aztec Recreation Center ARC Gym sauna

    San Diego State University , San Diego

    Crowd: Mostly college students, but get an occasional fatty or troll.

    rating of San Diego State University Aztec Recreation Center (ARC)  Gym (sauna)
  • 24 Hour Fitness San Diego Fifth Ave

    3965 Fifth Avenue , San Diego

    The gym is in the heart of the gay neighbourhood, so there are always lots of men.
    Crowd: men.
    Facilities: Full facility gym.

    rating of 24 Hour Fitness, San Diego, Fifth Ave.
  • 24 Hour Fitness San Diego Rancho Mission Rd

    5885 Rancho Mission Rd , San Diego

    Muscle boys do shirtless workouts late night. Some really ripped huge guys workout here. The only ones that do take it off are lookin for shower action post workout.
    Crowd: really buff college and ...

    rating of 24 Hour Fitness, San Diego, Rancho Mission Rd.
  • Frogs Athletic Club

    Hotel Circle , San Diego

    Can often be a VERY active Sauna, but some discretion is necessary, may often have to move to a bathroom when there are straigh guys around, or unattractive guys that want to watch, OR often exchange ...

    rating of Frog's Athletic Club
  • Golds Gym Pacific Beach CA

    Garnet Ave , San Diego

    Everyone hooks up in the shower and straight men too!!!
    Crowd: North Hollywood and LA men; alot of bodybuilders.
    Facilities: Shower and full size gym

    rating of Gold's Gym, Pacific Beach, CA
  • 24 Hour Fitness San Diego Balboa Ave

    7620 Balboa Avenue , San Diego

    Crowd: Mainly white boys show it in the shower. Some latinos and a few blacks. Mostly young but one or two older guys hang out in the sauna.

    rating of 24 Hour Fitness, San Diego, Balboa Ave
  • pacific athletic club

    12000 Carmel Country Rd. , San Diego

    Crowd: mostly bi, some gay.

    rating of pacific athletic club
  • LA Fitness San Diego

    4984 Shawline St , San Diego

    hugh indoor pool, indoor dry sauna, private showers with curtains, and a private ab training room near the trainers station.
    Crowd: most guys are in their 30's, professional, a lot of TV News stati ...

    rating of LA Fitness, San Diego
  • YMCA Mission Valley

    It's on the west side of Friars Road , San Diego

    Crowd: A Mix of young and old go here.Facilities: Hot tubs, sauna, and showers.

    rating of YMCA, Mission Valley
  • Pure Fitness San Diego

    501 W. Broadway , San Diego

    Nice upscale club.
    Crowd: Corporate and military men.

    rating of Pure Fitness, San Diego
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