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  • Pleasure Chest Pitt Street

    382A Pitt Street , Sydney

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  • Adultworld formerly Fantasy Lane

    320 King St , Sydney

    Four single booths and one double. Two buddy booths. One sling room open with padded floor. Video room with chairs. Two dark, open cubicles. Heaps of , wet stuff & paper. Toilets avaiable separate fr ...

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  • Adult World

    124a Oxford St (updated) , Sydney

    Relaxed atmosphere, and great place for lucky dip through the s in the video cubicles.
    Update: You'll find state-of-the-art video booths with 15 movies to pick at any
    time. The backroom has boot ...

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  • Pleasure Chest George Street

    705 George St near Paddy , Sydney

    update 2/10/2009: This place gets confused with the pleasure chest on Pitt Street.

    George street has 6 booths 5 with s the first booth has none.
    It also has about 6 private rooms for 20$ whi ...

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  • Eros Theater

    Goulborn St , Sydney

    Great booths for been or given blowjobs, and big enough holes to grab your meat with your hands. And big room with two big TV's showing gay movies, anything goes in here.

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  • Probe

    159 Oxford St , Sydney

    All live male shows. 24 hours. Backroom and shop featuring live bump 'n' grind shows in the raunchiest traditions of American burlesque.

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  • Ecstasy Adult Shop

    Llankelly Place, Kings Cross , Sydney

    The three video booths all have proper s. Ideal place to arrange discreet meeting, as street entrance is quiet. Great place to find straight .
    Crowd: Straight guys, couples. A mixture of people mos ...

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  • Pleasure Chest Kings Cross Darlinghurst Road

    56 Darlinghurst Road, opposite Kings Cross Railway Station , Sydney

    i video room showing straight videos and 3 raised lockable cubilcles with same videos playing on monitors with 1 for each room. also thre private rooms you can take your "catch"

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  • Pleasure Chest Oxford Street

    161 Oxford St , Sydney

    cruiser update 7/9/2008: The cost of the upstairs video lounge crusing area has been $12 since the beginning of 2008.

    $10 When you enter they give you a and some lube. All prepared for . You c ...

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  • Urge

    85 Oxford Street , Sydney

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