Sydney Gay Cruising Areas

  • McMahons Point

    Blue Point Reserve , Sydney

    New council toilets, council comes and cleans them once a day at random times.. good cubicles and urinals.
    Crowd: Tradies during lunch, runners and cyclists in the evening.. younger crowd after 3:3 ...

    rating of McMahons Point
  • Market City Ground Floor

    Haymarket , Sydney

    rating of Market City (Ground Floor)
  • 84 Pitt Street

    84 Pitt Street. , Sydney

    Large bathroom area with a on one side, 2 cubicals at the rear, and some sinks on the other side.
    Crowd: No one apart from the occasional office worker. Its little used except for people wanting .

    rating of 84 Pitt Street.
  • Rushcutters Bay Park

    , Sydney

    Cruisy and very busy beat with a good selection of guys from many surrounding suburbs. Lots of gym boys, often on their way home from clubbing, although there are usually a couple of guys who got dive ...

    rating of Rushcutter's Bay Park
  • Cooks River Canal Reserve At the junction of Beamish St and Byron St

    Campsie , Sydney

    This is a very secluded area, with lots of trees along the canal to protect you from prying eyes. Once you have either arranged to meet someone or just hooked up there; where is ample space and foliag ...

    rating of Cooks River Canal Reserve (At the junction of Beamish St. and Byron St.)
  • Greenfield Park Shopping Village

    Mimosa Rd and Greenfield Road , Sydney

    Locates near the fruit shop and tobacco store. Follow the signs to the toilets. Two cubicles sometimes with graffiti. .
    Fairly clean.
    Crowd: Wog boys, Asian guys, Oldies,

    rating of Greenfield Park Shopping Village
  • Gladesville

    Victoria Road , Sydney

    Lots of group action.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of Gladesville
  • Sunnyholt Road Council Carpark

    Sunnyholt Road , Sydney

    Crowd: wide variety

    rating of Sunnyholt Road Council Carpark
  • Central Station - Country Terminal Western End

    Enter from Railway Square entrance to country trains terminal , Sydney

    Crowd: Country boys and suits

    rating of Central Station - Country Terminal Western End
  • Kent Oval - Turramurra

    , Sydney

    its a toilet block near the kids play ground u cant miss it

    rating of Kent Oval - Turramurra