Sydney Gay Cruising Areas

  • Greenfield Park Shopping Village

    Mimosa Rd and Greenfield Road , Sydney

    Locates near the fruit shop and tobacco store. Follow the signs to the toilets. Two cubicles sometimes with graffiti. .
    Fairly clean.
    Crowd: Wog boys, Asian guys, Oldies,

    rating of Greenfield Park Shopping Village
  • Gladesville

    Victoria Road , Sydney

    Lots of group action.
    Crowd: All types

    rating of Gladesville
  • Sunnyholt Road Council Carpark

    Sunnyholt Road , Sydney

    Crowd: wide variety

    rating of Sunnyholt Road Council Carpark
  • Central Station - Country Terminal Western End

    Enter from Railway Square entrance to country trains terminal , Sydney

    Crowd: Country boys and suits

    rating of Central Station - Country Terminal Western End
  • Kent Oval - Turramurra

    , Sydney

    its a toilet block near the kids play ground u cant miss it

    rating of Kent Oval - Turramurra
  • 77 Berry Street Washrooms North Sydney

    Level 2, 77 Berry St North Sydney , Sydney

    was visiting the office when i went to the bathroom to take a . i was standing at the and could hear the wanking sound so i looked under the and could see the shadow. went back plenty of times and a ...

    rating of 77 Berry Street Washrooms North Sydney
  • Naremburn Park

    Park Road , Sydney

    Have been there three days in a row and three HOT guys. Today was the best - he blew a huge load down my throat - then ruffled my hair and said thanks!
    Crowd: Tradies, local suits

    rating of Naremburn Park
  • McMahons Point

    Blue Point Reserve , Sydney

    New council toilets, council comes and cleans them once a day at random times.. good cubicles and urinals.
    Crowd: Tradies during lunch, runners and cyclists in the evening.. younger crowd after 3:3 ...

    rating of McMahons Point
  • Balls Head Reserve

    Waverton - Sydney , Sydney

    Extremely well-bushed area right on Sydney Harbour foreshore.
    cruiser Picture Update 2/6/2008:
    Three pics from Balls Head Reserve.
    1 Reserve entry Plaque
    2 Entry to mens toilet/bog /little ...

    rating of Balls Head Reserve
  • Greenwood Plaza

    North Sydney , Sydney

    Its always going. Enjoy sucking a bit of before work. Have seen and tasted some hot .
    Crowd: Guys in suits, young guys.

    rating of Greenwood Plaza